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Accelerate your Azure
Managed Service offerings

Manage your customer’s Azure infrastructure with a unified platform, eliminating multiple native & custom monitoring tools.

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Key challenges faced along the way

Lack of spend visibility across subscriptions


cost saving recommendations

Manually generating reports on resource usage & cost


Consolidated monitoring for multiple Azure Services

That’s not it! There are still hidden struggles with the Azure Portal

Managing siloed
customer resources

Configuring different native monitoring tools

Experiencing alert fatigue

Monitoring metrics across regions & subscriptions is not possible

Azure Portal

Building custom tools to bridge the gap is a more demanding approach!

What’s the solution?

Holistically monitor, trace, document and optimize costs
for dozens of your Azure customers.

Cost Per Customer

Top reasons why MSPs prefer us

Utilize an intuitive drag-and-drop Azure management platform & gain a deeper understanding of all your customer’s Integration Infrastructure.

Visualize cost per customer

  • Manage costs of multiple teams, projects and customers in one place
  • Assess cost allocation across customers & execute chargeback policies
  • Detect cost spikes with proactive monitoring, built-in checks and alerts
  • Automate actions to bring down resource usage outside business hours

Customer-centric Azure documentations

  • Keep your customers in loop with auto-generated reports on usage, cost & security
  • Get a library of in-built documentation templates to be used instantly
  • Schedule the delivery of reports exactly when your customers need it
  • Examine trends of the Azure spent across subscriptions with cost comparer
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Holistic Azure monitoring and alerting

  • Get a structured representation of all the customers managed and their Azure applications
  • Prevent alert fatigue while monitoring multiple applications with consolidated reporting
  • Get an intuitive dashboard with KPI to spotlight critical issues at a glance
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Get a rich self-service experience

  • Let your support team resolve 70% of functional errors without relying on Azure experts
  • Visualize the data flowing via your customers’ Azure applications
  • Fix incidents within SLAs without digging through millions of logs

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Provide excellent customer value and differentiate your brand by offering Azure management.