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Cost Analyser

Azure Cost Management Tool

Unparalleled visibility on spendings with deep Azure cost analysis across Azure subscriptions, environments, and teams.

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Azure Cost Analysis

Get cost alerts through different channels

Auto-stop resources during non-business hours

Obtain rightsizing recommendations

Analyze costs by various dimensions

Azure Cost Analysis

Microsoft Azure

Serverless360 is the trusted solution for Microsoft Azure

Actionable Azure Cost analysis to maximize savings

Optimize spend with better volume-based purchasing decision and eliminate waste

Uncover cost optimization

  • Break free from multiple dashboards; view spend across multiple subscriptions in single pane
  • Get rightsizing recommendations on resources based on utilization
  • Optimize cost by auto-stopping resources during non-business hours

Deep Azure cost analysis reports

  • Cost breakdown by dimensions like environments, projects, and teams
  • Gain team and account level cost visibility to implement showback policy
  • Monitor and act immediately on any potential spikes in Azure cost

Get smart alerts for proactive response

  • Stick to your budgets by proactively monitoring Azure spend
  • Leverage ready-to-use cost trend dashboards to forecast optimal budget
  • Access the historical summary of alert status in calendar view

Governance and User Management

  • Extremely granular end-user permissions, down to single reports and features
  • Keep track of every user action even on account level
  • Set up single sign-on with Azure Active Directory integration
Governance and User Management