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Business Applications

Azure Unified Monitoring

Instantly visualize, monitor and fix any issues in Azure apps with a business lens to bring down the resolution time and effort.

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Azure Unified Monitoring
Microsoft Azure

Serverless360 is the trusted solution for Microsoft Azure

The complete solution crafted to enable seamless Azure operations

Stop wasting time and effort dealing with alert storms, data silos and bottlenecks; invest in innovation!

Instant visibility into Azure application

  • The holistic view of Azure services from multiple tenants and subscriptions with live status
  • Automatic mapping of Azure services like Service Bus, Logic Apps, APIM & more to depict the application & spotlight the issues
  • Real-time depiction of the KPIs on an intuitive dashboard ideal for any anomaly detection

Achieve unified Azure monitoring

  • Pre-defined monitoring templates of enterprise standard alerts on threshold breaches
  • Continuous monitoring for Azure services on their crucial performance metrics
  • Focus on resolution with a single consolidated error report, avoiding alert storms

Solve Azure issues faster and easier

  • Reprocess dead letters in Service Bus or Event Grid and failed transactions in Logic Apps, Functions or Data Factory
  • Enable self-healing to spend less time troubleshooting incidents
  • Be proactive in resolving issues even before business realises the impact

Intelligent automation at scale

  • Process millions of messages and events with no manual intervention
  • Resubmit failed executions due to specific failure for the defined duration
  • Reduce manual effort in mundane tasks for operational efficiency

Enable seamless team collaboration

  • Stay in control with granular role-based access permissions
  • Keep track of every user action even on Azure services
  • Set up single sign-on with Azure Active Directory integration
Enable seamless team collaboration

Popular Azure Services We Support

Service Bus

Manual and Automated message processing, way beyond Service Bus Explorer.

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Logic Apps

Detect failure, autocorrect state, correlate run resubmission, Azure portal gaps addressed.

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Detect anomalies, autocorrect state, achieve what are not possible through Application insights.

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Virtual Machine

Monitor VM performance, status, CPU percentage & auto remediate failure.

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Azure Data Factory

Detect errors, availability, performance of the pipeline execution with extensive monitoring.

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Monitor Products, Endpoints and Operations at multiple perspectives. Auto manage APIM state.

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Event Grid

View and process dead-letters in Event Grid subscriptions along with extensive monitoring.

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Event Hub

Simulate test environment, monitor partitions, check for active clients and much more.

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Storage Account

Auto clean blobs. Monitor storage account components on their state and properties.

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Azure SQL

Perform SQL query operations & monitoring, have an eye of DTU percentage with monitors.

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Azure Cosmos DB

Manage your Cosmos SQL by Querying and executing stored procedures in multiple DB.

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Synapse Pipeline

Get real-time Azure Synapse pipeline monitoring & enable timely diagnosis of any unexpected run failures.

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Kubernetes Cluster

Obtain holistic Azure Kubernetes cluster monitoring to ensure optimal health & resource utilization.

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Web Apps

Detect HTTP errors, CPU time, Garbage collection and health of the Azure Web Apps.

API Apps

Detect the performance, status, memory working set & more with various monitors.

Azure Web Jobs

Perform remote actions like start/stop the trigger, run the continuous web jobs and more.