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Azure Documenter

Azure Documentation Generator

Autogenerate documentation in minutes to turn live Azure Subscriptions data into actionable insights on usage, security & cost.

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Azure Documentation Generator
Microsoft Azure

Azure Documentation Generator is powered by Serverless360

Your Azure cloud is complex, but documenting it doesn’t have to be

We bring visibility and insights to help you lower costs, maintain security and compliance, and optimize resources.

Uncover resource usage trends

  • Generate valuable reports on Azure resource distribution and usage
  • Gain visibility on resource consumption index and always-on optimization insights
  • Overcome underutilization of resources by right-sizing and rebalancing
Azure Documentation Generator

Mitigate security and regulatory risk

  • Automatic scan on Azure infrastructure to ensure secure configuration
  • Address risks more quickly and efficiently with vivid security reports
  • Maintain compliance and stay audit-ready with business standards
Azure Documenter

Grow Azure footprint, profitably

  • Easily track what’s driving Azure cloud cost and stick within the budget limits
  • Examine trends with cost compared in Azure documentation generator
  • Unlock profitable growth while enabling Azure journey for your enterprise
Azure Documenter

Share insights and align with stakeholders

  • Generate documents in the PDF format with actionable insights
  • Share with targeted individuals either in public or private storage without putting security at risk
  • Ensure timely dispatch of the documents exactly where your stakeholders need it
Azure Documentation Generator