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Managing 73K+ Azure entities and growing

With Serverless360, you can

  • Lower TCO, with Service Maps and Business process monitoring
  • Do better DevOps, using the Automated Activities and Auto correct on monitors
  • Manage and monitor siloed Azure entities as Composite Applications

…indeed do much more. See all features

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Comprehensive way to manage and monitor your Azure Serverless Components

Azure Service Bus Monitoring and Management

Service Bus

Manual and Automated message processing, way beyond Service Bus Explorer

Learn more Learn more about Azure Service Bus Monitoring
Azure Logic Apps Monitoring and Management

Logic Apps

Detect failure, autocorrect state, correlate run resubmission, Azure portals gaps addressed

Learn more Learn more about Azure Logic Apps
Azure Functions Monitoring and Management


Detect anomalies, autocorrect state, achieve what are not possible through Application insights

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Azure Event Grid Monitoring and Management

Event Grid

View and process dead-letters in Event Grid subscriptions along with extensive monitoring

Learn more Learn more about Azure Event Grid Monitoring
Azure Event Hubs Monitoring and Management

Event Hub

Simulate test environment, monitor partitions, check for active clients and much more

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Azure Storage Account Monitoring and Management

Storage Account

Auto clean blobs. Monitor storage account components on their state and properties

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Azure APIM Monitoring


Monitor Products, Endpoints and Operations at multiple perspectives. Auto manage APIM state

Learn more Learn more about Azure APIM
Azure Relay Monitoring and Management


Manage and monitor Azure Relays including Hybrid relays along with analytics

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One platform solution for your Azure Serverless Monitoring and Management

Composite Applications to better manage and monitor Azure Serverless Components

Composite Applications best works for distributed Azure Serverless Services

Logically group Azure services from different Azure subscriptions and regions into Composite Applications representing the Business Applications. Represent the Organization hierarchy using Composite Application groups in the explorer view. Enable your team with the real time application status on the dashboard. Manage and monitor the application with the capabilities in Serverless360 crafted to address the challenges in Azure portal. Achieve advanced security on the Composite Applications with Azure Active Directory integration, granular user access policy definition and governance and audit in place.


End to End tracking on the message flowing through the Serverless Services

Enable your support team to better serve your customers with BAM in Serverless360. Track where the message is? Real time hybrid integration solutions can be instrumented with the business process definition to capture necessary data in all stages of the business transaction. View and reprocess stages to restore business. Monitor BAM queries and business processes for any exceptions. Infer business critical information in the upcoming analytics from Serverless360.

End to End tracking on the message flowing through the Serverless Services
Consolidated Monitoring and Smart automations helps achieve business critical tasks at ease

Range of monitors and automation options to meet business needs of the stakeholders

Status monitor ideal for product managers to be aware on the application health. Threshold monitors for DevOps team to be aware of any violation in the orchestration. Data monitor for Architects to measure performance, consumption and much more. Watch monitor to quick detect any failure in the business workflow. Keep the stakeholders informed through their preferred notification channels. Restore business with no manual intervention using threshold monitors powered by Auto correct on entity state. Achieve business critical tasks at ease using automated activities.

Built-in integrations with the web’s most popular notification channels

pagerduty PagerDuty
Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams
Webhooks Webhooks
oms OMS
server mail Server Mail

Trusted by Serverless Integration Architects across Enterprises to SMB’s in Healthcare, Logistics, Automobile,   E-Commerce, Education and more.

Use Cases

Get Application visibility for Serverless Applications

Group entities from different Azure subscriptions and resource groups that constitutes a Line of Business (LoB) application and have a better control over operations and management activities.