Sophisticated features that you will want for Serverless management

Application Visibility

Composite Applications

Group all your siloed entities that participate in your Serverless Application

Across Subscriptions and Regions
Across Subscriptions and Regions

Entities grouped can be from different Azure Resource Groups, Subscriptions and Regions

Manage all environments in one place
Manage Environments

Represent production, Staging or Development environments

Get Application Status at Serverless360
Application Status

Infer status of the business application with immediate feedback from the configured monitors

Get a holistic view of all your Serverless applications at Serverless360

Get a holistic view of all your Serverless applications at one place

Manage and monitor the entities from the Serverless application
Entry to Operational capabilities

Manage and monitor the entities from the Serverless application context


Consolidated Monitoring

1. Monitoring

Consolidated monitoring on the entities those participate in the business solution.

Status monitor to check the consolidated reports
Status Monitor

Get consolidated health check report on all entities in the business application

Threshold monitor to get alert before the time limit
Threshold Monitor

Get alert even if one of the entities violates the configuration beyond the threshold time limit

Data monitor is to check the performance of the entities
Data Monitor

Monitor the entities in various perspectives like availability, efficiency, performance, reliability and so on

Watch monitor detects failure on Azure Logic Apps, Fuction App, API
Watch Monitor

Detect failure in Logic App, Function App and API


2. End to End Business Tracking

End-to-end traceability/monitoring solution for the business processes.

Monitor multiple business processes
Business Process Monitoring

Monitor multiple business processes a Composite Application might encounter

Set up and track properties
Track Properties

Set up and track properties important in the business

Enable your support team
Enable Support

Enable your support team with necessary information for better Customer support


3. Auto Correct

No more worries on ensuring the entity state as expected.

State managed with this Auto correct capability
State managed

Threshold monitors on entity state are now equipped with Auto Correct capability

No Manual Intervention with Auto Correct
No Manual Intervention

Ensure expected entity state without any manual intervention with Auto Correct turned on


4. Notification Channels

Keep the respective stake holders of the business application informed on the application status.

Supported Channels for your respective business application
Supported Channels

Choose from the notification channels, Pager Duty, Slack, OMS, Teams, SMTP

Configure multiple notification channels
Configure alert recipients

Configure multiple notification channels as per business need

Web Hook to integrate custom cloud application with Serverless360
Integrate Custom Cloud Application

Use Web Hook to integrate custom cloud application with Serverless360


Deep Integrated Tooling

1. Namespace management

Manage and analyse associated namespaces to make strategic decisions

Manage Azure Service Bus, Azure Event Hub and Azure Relay entities
Manage Entities

Manage Service Bus, Event Hub and Relay entities at the namespace context

Import entities from testing staging namespace to production namespace
Import Entities

Import entities from testing staging namespace to production namespace, save development and testing effort

Improved precision on import
Improved precision on import

Get the entities exactly replicated in terms of property definitions

Analytics of monitoring and managing the namespaces

Observe trends in the associated Messaging, Event Hub and Relay namespaces


2. Templates

Define organization standards on entity properties and use them across Composite Applications

create number of entities with one property
Save Templates

Need to create number of entities with same set of properties? Define a property template

Reduce your manual effort on creating template
Reduce manual effort

Apply saved template while creating the entity from Serverless360 avoiding manual property definition


3. Activities

Let Serverless360 auto manage your entities with scheduled Activities

Inline activities for solving critical business requirements
Inline activities

Solve critical business requirements at ease using inline activities

Schedule the activity configurations with auto managed
Scheduled configurations

Schedule the activity configurations to auto run as configured

Simulate test environment for testing the business orchestration
Simulate test environment

Test the business orchestration by simulating real time environment using Send activities

Auto manage the dead letters without any manual intervention
Auto manage

Let the activities manage the dead letters without any manual intervention


Advanced Security

1. User Management

Achieve advanced security with policy definition on Composite Applications

simple with Basic authentication mode
Choice in Authentication mode

Keep it simple with Basic authentication mode or integrate organization Active Directory

Manage users form multiple tenants
Multi-tenant Azure AD

Manage users form multiple tenants, invited as guest users in the Associate Azure AD

Application level granular user access policy
Application level Access Policy

Define Application level granular user access policy as custom roles

Invite users through email
Invite Users

Invite users through email or from the associated Azure AD


2. Governance and Auditing

Audit User actions on Application entities within the scope of Serverless360

Record and track the user actions
Track User actions

Record and access user actions on Application entities in Serverless360 with necessary details

Export this information to Excel or PDF
Export to Excel or PDF

Export this information at ease as Excel or PDF report



Choice in Hosting

Quick start with SaaS or get a dedicated set up as per need

SaaS provides solution in our infrastructure
Software as a Service

Subscribe to solution in our infrastructure. Pay only for entities and activity configurations.

Private hosting is to get Serverless360 on your Infrastructure
Private Hosting

Get Serverless360 on your Infrastructure. Pay only for the solution and enjoy no limits on entities and activities.