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Looking for Service Bus Explorer alternative?

See why the world’s leading organizations choose Serverless360 to modernize Service Bus monitoring, boost productivity and be proactive.

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5 reasons why organizations choose Serverless360 over Service Bus Explorer

Reason 1

Everything under one roof

Both Azure Service Bus management and monitoring solutions are inevitable for production environments.
So why juggle between Service Bus Explorer for management and Azure portal for monitoring? Get everything that your support team needs to detect and fix an issue in one place – Serverless360.

Reason 2

Out of the box Message Processing

Struggling to get visibility on your Service Bus messages? With Serverless360, conveniently view and process the messages, perform various processes like Resubmit or Repair and Resubmit or Purge with an option to back up.
The icing on the cake is its ability to define granular access restrictions to users on these operations.

Service Bus Explorer

Reason 3

Bulk message processing on Autopilot mode

Perform bulk operational activities on messages with intelligent automation! It’s now feasible to automatically resubmit active and dead lettered messages, purge dead letter messages, resubmit messages to another destination periodically and more.

Service Bus Explorer

Reason 4

Provide secured access at granular level

Serverless360 provides much secure access to the Support team on the Azure resources. Associate resources through Service Principals, provide only necessary access to the team members and enable central management of the access keys, avoid sharing overheads on regeneration.

Reason 5

Stellar customer support

Change is hard. Even with a great product, you can still fail to realize value without deep product knowledge. Serverless360 covers the basis with in-depth documentation, an easy-to-use support portal, and technical support to all its customers.

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Service Bus Explorer

Easy effortless migration

Migrate from Azure Application Insights quickly and effectively

Our technical experts are available at your disposal to troubleshoot issues and provide best practices on every process of your migration with the agility your business expects.

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Don’t just take our word for it! Compare yourself the best-in-class features from Serverless360

Features Serverless360 Service Bus Explorer
Resubmit / Repair and Resubmit Active messages ×
Resubmit / Repair and Resubmit Dead Lettered messages ×
Prevent message loss ×
Purge specific count of Active or Dead- Lettered messages ×
Purge Active or Dead- Lettered messages ×
Automated Activities ×
Consolidated Monitoring on state and properties ×
Monitoring on metrics of Service Bus Queues and Topics ×
Auto Correct on state of Service Bus Queues, Topics and Topic Subscriptions ×
Back up Service Bus messages to Storage blob ×
Manage and Monitor Application ×