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5 reasons why organizations choose Serverless360 over Application Insights

Reason 1

Monitor Azure Serverless application

Don’t just stop with monitoring the web application performance in Azure. With Serverless360, monitor all the Azure resources in a business application context and receive instant feedbacks.

“There are many monitoring features available from Microsoft Azure, but there is not one cohesive tool that we can use to get a high-level view like that offered by Serverless360.”


Manish Upadhyaya,

Senior Cloud Architect – Kleinschmidt

Reason 2

Consolidated report

Get a holistic health report of all the Azure resources that constitute a business application without having to create multiple alerts to reduce cost.

“We have a lot of solutions built using a large number of micro-services and the biggest question is “How do you holistically monitor all these resources? So, that’s where Serverless360 helped us with Composite Applications feature.”


Luciano Barbieri,

Integration Architect

Reason 3

Empower support team

Application Insights is ideal for an Azure developer with a deep knowledge. While Serverless360 helps the less experienced L1 and L2 Azure support team in troubleshooting performance issues.

“Serverless360 gives us everything we need in a structured and user intuitive way to monitor our integration platform as we shift from on-premise to cloud. From the past we are used to working with BizTalk360, a great tool to monitor our solutions built on BizTalk, it is good to have the ability to get the same experience.”


Bart Scheurweghs,

Senior Integration Architect –

Reason 4

Notification channels

In most cases, sending updates to an email inbox might get unnoticed. Serverless360 gives customers several options for selecting the notification channel that best suits their needs.

Reason 5

Stellar customer support

Change is hard. Even with a great product, you can still fail to realize value without deep product knowledge. Serverless360 covers the basis with in-depth documentation, an easy-to-use support portal, and technical support to all its customers.

“Top-notch! Both the support and product teams are very responsive and are eager to solicit and listen to our concerns and suggestions”


Frank E. Oriold, EVP,

Operations and Business Development – Kleinschmidt

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  • Application Insights
  • Monitor Serverless applications
  • Get consolidated monitoring report on status of all entities in an application
  • Monitor multiple entities of different type in single monitor
  • Monitor entities on multiple metrics
  • Monitor entity state
  • Monitor entity on its properties
  • Monitor failure in business workflow
  • Perform Business Activity monitoring
  • Manage Serverless applications to achieve business critical tasks
  • Support to wide range of notification channels

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