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What’s new in Serverless360? – Q1 2020 product update

Ezhilarasi Chezhiyan

4 Mins Read | Last modified on August 18th, 2023

Q1 Release update

We are happy to present the Serverless360 release update for Q1 of 2020. The first massive release for the Q1 in February 2020 included the most awaited Business Activity Monitoring along with dashboards for Logic App and Function App and few other useful enhancements. It is so encouraging to find Business Activity Monitoring meeting requirements of customers to attain end-to-end message visibility on their business workflow. Following the February release, we had successfully made another stable release on 3rd April with a set of customer obsessive capabilities. In this blog let me throw light on the features shipped in this release.

On the Azure Integration service stack, our focus for Q1 was Logic Apps and Function Apps. Based on our learning from Ignite we invested our efforts in strengthening product features for a couple of most used Azure Integration services, Azure Logic Apps and Azure Functions. After a series of brainstorming sessions with technical experts on Azure, our team delivered the following interesting features.

Manage Keys for Azure Function

Managing keys of an Azure Function is required to provide secure access to the Azure Functions. One can create, edit and delete function keys right from Serverless360. This permission can either be provided or denied to a user on a Function App by defining the custom role appropriately. Moreover, get the user action governed and audited in the Governance and Audit section of Serverless360.

1.Manage Keys

Invoke/ Test Azure Function

I just wrote an Azure Function to fulfill my business requirement. How do I test it? Use Serverless360 to pass test input to the Azure function and execute a test. It is also useful in re-invoking a failed function invocation.

Invoke and test Azure Function

Action Needed List for Logic App

While working as a team it is necessary to keep your team posted on actions to be carried out on any Logic App run. We found this as a necessary enhancement and brought it with no further delay in Serverless360. An example use case of this feature would be like, I find a failed Logic App run in my business application. I need another team member to take the necessary action on this. I can move this failed run record into the action required tab to let my team member act on this.

Action required Runs

Invoke Logic App Trigger

In the above-mentioned scenario if the team member requires to reinvoke the failed Logic App run with a modified input message to restore the business. This requirement can be achieved at ease with Serverless360 now.

Resubmit failed Logic App Run

Retry Chain for Logic App Run

When working with Logic Apps there can scenarios where the Logic App run instance has been retried several times to restore the business, this indeed gets difficult to troubleshoot the issue as it is hard to correlate the resubmitted instances. Serverless360 provides the capability to easily visualize the retries for a specific Logic App run.


Favourite Run List for Logic App

Serverless360 now lets users add selected Logic App runs to the favorite list which can be revisited later for further analysis. This favorite list will be specific to the user and can be tagged with a custom message.

Along with the above-mentioned capabilities for Logic Apps and Function Apps, this release also brings in a couple of enhancements worth mentioning.


OAuth in API Monitoring

As an enhancement to the existing API endpoint monitoring, it is now possible to watch on API endpoints with OAuth authorization built. This feature was built to fulfill the need of one of our valuable Customers. We are sure this will meet the requirement of many others as well.

OAuth in API monitoring

Data Monitoring Enhancements

One of the most used monitors in Serverless360, Data Monitor helps to monitor resources from multiple perspectives. It is now possible to check a metric value against another metric in Data Monitor. This can solve monitoring requirements like checking is all incoming messages is equal to outgoing messages in a Queue or Event Hub, hence verifying if all the messages are processed. In a Logic App scenario, it can help to figure out if all the runs started had been successful or not.

Data monitoring

Along with this now Data Monitor can be configured to trigger alerts only if all the metrics are in warning or error state along with the existing format of triggering alert even if one of the metrics holds a warning or error threshold value.

Read more on the features released in Q1 on the following release notes

We are all set to deliver out-of-box capabilities in Q2, 2020. Stay tuned to receive constant updates on Serverless360 and make the best out of our product.

This article was originally published on Apr 16, 2020. It was most recently updated on August 18th, 2023.

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