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Discover How Serverless360 Can Help Improve Remote Work

Ezhilarasi Chezhiyan

6 Mins Read | Last modified on September 12th, 2023

Discover Serverless360 fulfilling needs of remote team in supporting Azure Serverless Applications


Azure Serverless Applications are indeed powerful and super-efficient in delivering the right solution sooner to the market. However, the Azure portal is just not enough to meet the operational and support requirements of the Serverless Application. Organizations cannot afford to invest time and effort in skilled Azure resources in proving support.

To reduce the Azure Total Cost of Ownership it is required to safely transfer the less valued support tasks to the L1- support team and free up the skilled Azure resources to focus on business development. Considering the current situation across the world, organizations are forced to let their team, work from remote.

This further complicates the challenges in meeting the operational and support requirements of Azure Serverless Applications. This scenario demands an enterprise standard tool to ensure proactive monitoring with intelligent automation, thus making sure the business-critical Azure Serverless Application is up and running.

Here is where Serverless360 can help. When your complete workforce is at remote, let Serverless360 ensure secure, efficient and effortless management and monitoring of your Serverless Applications.

In this blog, let me highlight the capabilities of Serverless360 most used and appreciated by our existing customers across the world in various domains.

Application Status on the Spotlight

Organizations serving multiple customer accounts that involve Serverless Applications spread across multiple Azure subscriptions. Viewing the Azure resources logically grouped by the customer along with the status is quite impossible in the Azure portal.

Serverless360 Business applications facilitate logically grouping the Azure resources which can be from different Azure subscriptions, regions or resource groups hence representing the business applications. It is possible to get a clear picture of the status of the resources based on the thresholds set on their properties, metrics, and status, which means a completely configurable standard. Serverless360 Business applications can effectively depict the organization hierarchy with the application status brought into the spotlight.

Serverless360 composite applications

Service Maps at every application-level can help the team understand how every resource interacts with each other. Any issues with the resources will be brought into the spotlight for the operations and support team to take necessary action proactively.

Service Maps at every application-level

Intelligent Automation for Better Efficiency

Azure portal lacks deeply integrated tooling requirements to meet the operational requirements of Serverless Applications. The need for real-time would be intelligent automation to carry out routine tasks. Serverless360 offers automation tasks that can be configured to meet the business needs.

For example, when the Azure team was offline during the weekend, Logic App defining the critical business workflow has failed due to expired database connection string. This would have caused a good number of transactions to fail. It is a manual overhead when an operational team member is expected to investigate the run histories, look for the specific error and restore the failed run.

Serverless360 automation task can be configured to filter and resubmit the failed Logic App runs by mentioning the expected failure reason. This can improve the team’s efficiency in restoring business.

If the task needs to be carried out at regular interval these automated tasks can be scheduled as well. For example, every end of the day the dead-lettered messages in the Service Bus Queue with the dead-letter reason ‘Invalid details’ need to be purged off. Retaining unwanted messages in the Service Bus Queue will attribute to unnecessary spending on the Azure subscription. Leave this responsibility to the automation task in Serverless360 to purge off unnecessary messages effortlessly without any manual intervention hence your Azure spending in control.

automation task in Serverless360 to purge off unnecessary messages effortlessly

Autocorrect Resources When the Team Is Offline

Ensuring the resources are up and running is critical in supporting business applications in production. While dealing with Serverless resources it is indeed challenging to detect unavailability of the Azure resources. Serverless360 not only makes it possible to detect the resources going offline but also offers to autocorrect to restore the status of the resources. Hence your operations team member doesn’t need to be online at the odd time just to enable your Logic App, Function App or Service Bus Queue or Topic.

automation task in Serverless360 to purge off unnecessary messages effortlessly

Continuous Consolidated Monitoring

The Azure portal offered monitoring solutions like Log Analytics, Azure Monitor and Application Insights have one common challenge. All monitor a single Azure resource in a single alert. In the real-time business what would be ideal is consolidated monitoring. Organizations appreciate a single consolidated report which can highlight failure in any of the participating resources in the business application. Serverless360 understands this need and provides continuous consolidated monitoring. No more juggling between the reports to understand the application status. It also supports monitoring at various perspectives to meet the needs of various stakeholders in the organization.

consolidated monitoring

End-to-end Tracking for Complete Business Visibility

Business applications are built putting together hybrid technologies and platforms. The biggest challenge in dealing with these applications is the lack of visibility on the message flowing through these components. Serverless360 BAM is here to overcome this challenge. With facilitated instrumentation in your business application, achieve an end-to-end distributed tracing. Query the tracked transactions to effortlessly figure out the status of a specific execution. Monitor business for exceptions and enable your business users with the right tool to deliver prompt customer support.

End-to-end Tracking with Serverless360 BAM

The Remote Team Kept Informed

Wherever your Azure team is, keep them informed on the Azure Serverless Application status through the preferred notification channels in Serverless360. Supported notification channels include most used platforms like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Page Duty, SMTP and default Email notification channel. It is also possible to create a ServiceNow ticket when an alert is generated. Custom application integration can also be achieved using the WebHook notification channel.

Supported notification channels

Remote Actions Governed and Audited

Coordinating a remote team will have its challenges. In any organization, the operations or support team cannot be expected to have the same level of knowledge on the application as that of the core Azure development team. Hence often operations and support teams are denied access to the Azure portal.

At the same time, it is expensive to allocate skilled Azure resources to carry out support tasks. It becomes necessary to safely handle this situation. Serverless360 can help define a granular user access policy to provide need only permissions to the support users on the Azure resources without access to the Azure portal.

Remote Actions Governed and Audited

All the user actions carried out in Serverless360 can be completely governed and audited

Serverless360 can be completely governed and audited

Experience Serverless360 to discover the capabilities that complement the Azure portal in meeting the operational and support requirements of Azure Serverless Applications


Increased sign-ups for Serverless360 in the current situation already prove Azure teams require the perfect tool to meet operational and support demands of Azure Serverless Applications. We as a team are fully equipped and glad to support you. Sign up now to start your free trial. We are confident Serverless360 will address your needs.

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This article was originally published on Apr 7, 2020. It was most recently updated on September 12th, 2023.

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