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Advanced Cloud Management Platform focused on Microsoft Azure

Operate efficiently with enterprise-grade Azure monitoring, tracing, remediation & governance in one platform.

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Advanced observability for Azure services

  • Azure monitoring with consolidated error reports & live dashboards on KPIs
  • Visualize entire Azure apps & its dependencies in an interactive map
  • Enable self-healing to remediate operational failures & spend less time on troubleshooting
Explore Business Applications
Simplified management for Azure Support teams

End-to-end distributed tracing across Azure

  • Trace message flow across Azure services with end-to-end visibility
  • Monitor exceptions, fix transactional failures and restore business
  • Drive informed business decisions with insights from tracked data
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Superior visibility on Business transactions

Total visibility to optimize Azure Cost

  • Easily see and pinpoint what stacks up your monthly Azure billings
  • Stay in control by monitoring spends and get alerted on exceeding limits
  • Uncover spend trends & suggestions to save cost across projects
Explore Cost Analyzer
Total visibility to optimize Azure spendings

Structured documentation on Azure Subscription

  • Ensure optimal utilization of Azure resources with a vivid usage report
  • Keep track of the Azure consumption and examine trends of the cost spent
  • Automatic scan on the Azure services to evaluate security compliance
Explore Azure Documenter
Advanced Azure Subscription reporting for CXO's

Give Azure Operations team the best tool

Everything you need to spot issues at a fine-grained level to bring down the resolution time and improve productivity.

Granular User Access

Azure role-based access control system is complex. Serverless360 can simplify, still, facilitate granular definition.

Governance & Auditing

Loosing track of changes on Azure resources by your team? govern and audit user actions.

Azure Resource Types

Serverless360 offers out of the box monitoring and management capabilities for a wide range of Azure Resources.

Hosting options

Get started quickly by subscribing to our SaaS portal or get the entire application privately hosted in your Azure subscription.

Notification Channels

Keep the stakeholders informed on the status of the Azure resources on their preferred notification channels.

Monitoring Profiles

Monitor wide range of Azure resources on their key metrics all with predefined monitoring configurations.

Real stories from real customers

It's not just about our platform. It's about our people.

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Serverless360 helps us in consolidated monitoring of Azure services and provide custom role-based access.

Firoz Alam

“Serverless360 proactively notifies issues in Azure resources and provides end-to-end tracking and visibility on hybrid systems.”

Stig Henriksen

“We have a lot of solutions built using micro-services and the biggest question is “How do you holistically monitor all these resources? So, that’s where Serverless360 helped us.”


“There are many monitoring features available from Microsoft Azure, but there is not one cohesive tool that we can use to get a high-level view like that offered by Serverless360.”

Manish Upadhyaya

“The main purpose of Serverless360 is to ease troubleshooting of Azure PaaS applications with a log database. You are able to visualize app topology and triage failures between your PaaS components.”

Mike Krome

I would say we would be blind without Serverless360. In the beginning, it was nice to have Serverless360. But after two years, we consider this as a part of the whole architecture.

Blanchon Pierre

“Serverless360 allows us to group together our physical components and assets into logical solutions to monitor and manage them from a single pane of glass”

Michael Stephenson

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