Powerful Azure support tool. Simple pricing.

Business Applications

Access, Manage and Monitor Azure resources from business perspective

Business Activity Monitoring

End-to-end tracking on business process across Azure and hybrid integrations

Azure Documenter

Generate documentation on your Microsoft Azure environments

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Business Applications

Access, Manage and Monitor Azure resources from business perspective

  • 100 Azure Resources
  • 250k/month transactions in Automated Tasks
  • Unlimited Business Applications Groups
  • Unlimited Business Applications
  • Unlimited Monitor configurations
  • Unlimited Notification Channels integrations Email + Premium channels
    (Microsoft Teams, Slack, PagerDuty, OMS, Service Now, Webhook)

More about Business Applications

  • 250k/month events
  • Unlimited Business processes
  • Unlimited Transactions
  • Unlimited Exception alerts

More about Business Activity Monitoring

Business Activity Monitoring

Perform end-to-end tracking on business process flow across Azure resources and hybrid integrations

Hosting options

Choose between convenience of SaaS or deploying at your infrastructure


No hassles model.
Just sign up and pay for what you use.

We take care of the hosting and infrastructure maintenance.

MSI package

Standard MSI installed on your
Virtual Machines.

We release installer packages frequently with upgrades and patches.

Managed Application

Deploy Serverless360 in your Azure subscription.

We maintain, update and service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • As you sign up, gain access to the features and capabilities of Serverless360 with some limitations for 15 days. After completion of trial period, you can choose to go commercial.

  • Yes, for volume users with an annual commitment, rather than a monthly subscription amount with a use-it-or-lose-it limitation.

  • Not available as of now. You will only pay for your monthly usage.

  • Yes, you can cancel anytime on monthly subscription model. For annual commitments, these are non-cancellable annual agreements.

  • A resource in this context is any of the supported Azure Serverless services like Service Bus Queues, Logic Apps, Azure Functions etc that can be managed and monitored in Serverless360.

  • An automated task is a background process that will run based on the pre-set configuration. This configuration can be saved for future use. Automated Tasks can be triggered manually whenever required or scheduled to run at specific times in a day.  For e.g. You can create an automated task to clean up dead letters in your Service Bus Queue or Topic Subscription, to resubmit failed Logic App runs, to auto clean storage blobs and so on.

  • This corresponds to the number of units processed by the scheduled automated tasks. For e.g. number of messages purged in a Service Bus Queue or Topic Subscription, number of Logic App runs resubmitted, number of storage blobs cleaned and so on.

  • BAM in Serverless360 is a functional end to end business activity tracking and monitoring capability for cloud scenarios. With Serverless360 BAM, get full visibility of your end-to-end business process flow across your Azure resources. 

  • Business Activity Monitoring events correspond to the number of events fired to the Serverless360 BAM API endpoint, which could be triggered from BAM connector for Logic App or Microsoft Flow or .Net SDK or direct HTTP request to the BAM API endpoint. 

  • Additional units can be purchased in bundles at applicable –

    100 Azure Resources

    250k Automated Tasks per month

    250k BAM events

For more details and assistance in pricing, please contact our sales team

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What our customers say


“The main purpose of Serverless360 is to ease troubleshooting of Azure PaaS applications with a centralize log database. In this portal, you are able to visualize your app topology and triage failures between your PaaS components easily. The biggest added value is their interactive portal, when failures happen you are able to retry the action from individual PaaS components.”

Matt Watson

“Serverless360 gives us everything we need in a structured and user intuitive way to monitor our integration platform as we shift from on-premise to cloud. From the past we are used to working with BizTalk360, a great tool to monitor our solutions built on BizTalk, it is good to have the ability to get the same experience.”

Ryan Brooks

“We have a lot of solutions built using a large number of micro-services and the biggest question is “How do you holistically monitor all these resources? So, that’s where Serverless360 helped us with Composite Applications feature.”

Dustin Smith

“There are many monitoring features available from Microsoft Azure, but there is not one cohesive tool that we can use to get a high-level view like that offered by Serverless360.”

Victoria Risk

“Serverless360 allows us to group together our physical components and assets into logical solutions. We are then able to monitor and manage them from a single pane which makes it much easier to transition our solutions into business as usual support processes. We see this as a key element in the enterprise adoption of serverless solutions.”

Matt Watson

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