Design, develop, deploy, and monitor Azure Functions

This eBook will cover various concepts of Azure Functions, its development, deployment, management, and monitoring. Microsoft launched Azure Function early 2016 as a preview, and it became generally available mid-November of 2016.

The benefits of Azure Functions in a nutshell are:

  • Managed service by Microsoft, thus less DevOps.
  • Focus on business logic, deliver solutions faster.
  • Lower effort to experiment – ‘built fast fail fast.’
  • Only pay what you use, i.e. for each execution.
  • Reusability of functionality.

Some of the common scenarios for Azure Functions can be:

  • Timer-based processing
  • Azure service event processing
  • SaaS event processing
  • Serverless web application architectures
  • Serverless mobile backends
  • Real-time stream processing
  • Real-time bot messaging

Topic: DevOps, Development, Operations
Target audience: Developers, Architects
Level: 200 – 300

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