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“Serverless360 not only stops with the monitoring but also provides automation capabilities to reprocess dead-letter messages.”

Thorsten Reuther
Director Client Solutions

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Favourite Features

Clearly, the monitors and alerting are the most favourite features in Serverless360, especially when comparing it to Azure offered monitoring. The ease of use and faster configuration to get the alerts inMicrosoft Teams made us choose Serverless360 monitoring over the Azure portal.

About DocuWare

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Challenges before Serverless360

Back then, our primary challenges were monitoring and alerting the Azure resources. We wanted a simple and reliable system that integrates with Azure and different notification channels like Microsoft Teams. We couldn’t find a way to simply alert different teams on different business exceptions occurring in our Azure.

It wasn’t easy to monitor the Azure Service Bus. There was no proactive monitoring solution available in the market to monitor the failover messages in a queue or a topic. It was also challenging to monitor the Messages piling up in the various dead-letter queues. The user needed to traverse between different subscriptions and tenants to find where the messages were piling up.

Key Solutions from Serverless360 for the Support Challenges

We have used Serverless360 since it was ServiceBus360. We use Composite Applications (now renamed as Business Applications) for better visibility of our integrations, and we define different alerts. And the advantage of using Serverless360 is it provides support for different types of Notification channels like Microsoft Teams and other tickets systems. Using Serverless360 monitors, it is possible to send alerts to dedicated communication channels like Operational, dev etc.; From this, our team will get insights on the increase of survey exceptions.

Serverless360 not only stops with the monitoring but also provides operational capabilities like Message reprocessing and automation. When the user finds the failover messages with proactive monitoring, they can repair & resubmit the messages to the backup system. Serverless360 also allows users to perform bulk reprocessing using Automated Tasks.

How supportive is Serverless360 Team?

First of all, if we start from the technical perspective, one good thing that we grade quite high is the point that since we started using the portal, it was ServiceBus360. It was only twice in a situation where we needed to reach out to technical support and get proper solutions quickly. In general, the communication is quite good. Any other third-party provider that we use, where there’s such a degree of communications, happens all the time. Most of them send emails with updates, features and stuff like that, but in Serverless360’s case, these Quarterly catch-ups that we do every three months are unique, and we don’t know this from any other provider. So that being said, from the customer service perspective, we think there is much better service from Serverless360 than we see from others. The technical support was always fast and good.

Thorsten Reuther

Director Client Solutions


The overall experience is quite good. As an Improvement, we expect a much more intuitive UI with a better user experience, and it is happy to see the new version of Serverless360 has come up with a better UI. Since we are a major monitoring user, we may need additional monitoring features like dynamic alerting that alerts the users based on the pattern.

Pain points in Azure

  • Need for better monitoring/ alerting options
  • Need for Automated Tasks for managing the resources