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Techorama Netherlands 2018

Mohan Nagaraj

6 Mins Read | Last modified on October 4th, 2023

Techorama Netherlands 2018

Techorama is a technology conference that happens every year in Belgium. After 5 successful editions in Belgium, the organizing team has decided to spread conference internationally. Next, to the Belgian edition, Techoroma is planned to happen at the Netherlands! This year’s conference will take place on October 2-3 at Cinemec Ede. October 1 is scheduled for several pre-conference workshops. This conference targets about 1000 attendees for the first edition of Techorama Netherlands, The audience spans the entire horizon of professionals like Developers, Information workers, and Data Professionals. 

Techorama Netherlands


Techorama is more than just a conference, It is an experience for the attendees, speakers, and partners. At Techorama, networking and deep knowledge gathering are key.

  • Pre-conference workshops to attendees as a chance to learn about a specific topic in a hands-on
    way from a recognized leader in the technology. Topics include:

    • Docker on Windows: From 101 to Production by Elton Stoneman
    • Using Vue in an ASP.NET Core 2.0 Project by Shawn Wildermuth
    • Building Decentralized Apps using Smart Contracts and the Ethereum Blockchain by Wei-Meng Lee
    • Designing microservices on Azure by Alex Mang
    • Developer’s Guide to SQL Server Performance by Brent Ozar
  • Sessions in 8 concurrent tracks by international and community speakers. 
  • Networking opportunities with partners during the breaks and closing reception. 
  • Opening keynote by Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President of the Cloud and Enterprise group in Microsoft.

Cloud and Serverless focused sessions in Techorama Netherlands


  1.  The Intelligent Cloud 
    Speaker: Scott Guthrie, EVP of Cloud + Enterprise, Microsoft Corporation
    In this session, Scott will show how Azure and the intelligent cloud can help you solve your most complex business and developer problems. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or new to the Cloud, you will learn how to better develop, deploy and manage cloud applications during this talk.
  2. Azure Deep Dive
    Speaker: Scott Guthrie, EVP of Cloud + Enterprise, Microsoft Corporation
    Scott will discuss actionable scenarios you can use today with advanced workloads and capabilities to help you and your customers do more using any coding language, on any device, anywhere. He’ll do a number of demonstrations first-hand to show how these capabilities work, how they work together, and how these solutions can enable you to achieve more.
  3. Don’t let your Serverless solution become the front page news!
    Speaker: Jan De Vries, Cloud Solution Architect/Developer, 4DotNet
    This session focuses on some of the best practices there are at the moment and give you some advice on how to design and develop a system which is fast, can scale infinitely while still being secure! There will be a lot of code, diagrams, and configuration.
  4. Azure Messaging Crossroads
    Speaker: Sean Feldman, Solutions Architect, Particular Software
    You’ve decided to develop in Azure and now need to make a decision on the messaging technology. You have multiple options to choose from Storage Queues, Service Bus, Event Grid, Event Hubs, etc. Which technology should you use? How do you pick the right one if they all deal with messages? Is your head spinning yet? This session will help you answer these questions and show you when to use each technology, so you can pick the right one for the right problem at hand.
  5. An intro to Azure Data Lake
    Speaker: Rick Van Den Bosch, Managing Consultant, Betabit
    This technical session includes demo’s on how to store information in Data Lake Store and how to use PowerBI to create reports based on data from Azure Data Lake.
  6. Eventing, Serverless, and the Extensible Enterprise
    Speaker: Clemens Vasters, Lead Architect in Microsoft Azure Messaging team
    In this talk, Clemens Vasters discusses the role of events and messaging in “serverless” and how the combination enables “the extensible enterprise” – enabling businesses to rapidly build and run extensions to their core application portfolios with minimal complexity.
  7. How far can Serverless actually go?
    Speaker: Alex Mang, CEO, KeyTicket Solutions
    Azure Functions is getting a lot of traction, which is completely understandable in the fast-paced world of applications developed under agile methodologies. Comparing the world of IT and software development today with the one 10 years ago, when we knew not only what operating system our application was going to run on but also the exact part number of the server that was running the workload, we can only conclude that PaaS infrastructures have gone a far way! 
  8. Azure – Plug & Play Architecture
    Speaker: Steef-Jan Wiggers, Senior Consultant, CoditNL
    Microsoft Azure Platform offers a wide range of services, predominantly PaaS services. And building a solution architecture you will use various of these pluggable services. In this session, a few real-world Azure solution architectures will be discussed with ‘plug & play’ view. Why, how the solution was designed that way, pitfalls, alternatives, constraints, and lessons learned.


  1. Azure Stack: Lessons learned from use in the real world
    Speaker: Rik Hepworth, Azure MVP and Evangelist, Black Marble
    Rik will share his experiences and learnings and talk about where he believes Stack can be a good fit for your hybrid cloud project, and where not. Watch out for this session to learn about how you can use Azure-consistent services with and without an internet connection and the current strengths and weaknesses of Azure Stack.
  2. Azure Service Bus Messaging – Deep Dive
    Speaker: Sean Feldman, Solutions Architect, Particular Software
    In this session, you will learn what Azure Service Bus messaging has to offer and why it could become the next cloud service you want to use. Unleash the power of Azure Service Bus in ways you’ve never seen before and add one of the most advanced messaging platforms to your toolkit.
  3. Inside the Microsoft Azure Storage Service
    Speakers: Yves Goeleven, Solution Architect, Particular Software and Kristof Rennen, Program Manager, Microsoft
    In this session, you get to know the internals of the architecture, the different layers of the implementation and explain how this service achieves its amazing uptime, combined with automagic geo-replication. As a takeaway, we will learn you the different ways to access the storage platform and share an overview of both simple and very complex mechanisms to get the best throughput.
  4. Intelligent and scalable API’s with Azure Functions
    Speaker: Christos Matskas, Azure Engineer, Microsoft
    With microservices being the focus of many organizations, Functions are a great choice for creating and running extremely scalable and performant solutions while addressing some common microservice challenges. This session is all about disrupting the traditional model for developers and enterprises. 

So, if you are at the Techorama Netherlands conference, attend these sessions. Serverless360, as a community-oriented organization, is committed to the serverless community. We will be continuing our efforts to present sessions and sponsor events. If you are an organizer of a serverless conference/event and looking out for speaker and sponsors, feel free to contact us.

This article was originally published on Sep 12, 2018. It was most recently updated on October 4th, 2023.

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