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5 reasons for the management to choose Serverless360

Last updated on: May 22, 2019

Serverless360 serves as a one platform solution to manage and monitor Azure Serverless Applications. We have adequate product documentation to enable a DevOps Engineer or Azure Developer or a Support Engineer to understand and appreciate how Serverless360 can improve their Azure experience. Though the DevOps Engineer or Azure Developer or a Support Engineer realizes the significance of Serverless360, its important that they convince the management to procure the product. This article aims at putting forth those points, why the management should consider Serveless360 to manage and monitor their Azure Serverless Applications.

Why should management choose Serverless360?

      1. Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership
      2. Do better DevOps
      3. Monitor and manage Azure spending
      4. Achieve Advanced Security
      5. Our Customer obsessed culture

Let us see in detail how Serverless360 helps in achieving the above with its capabilities.

Azure Serverless Monitoring and Management

1. Reduce the Total  Cost of Ownership

One key desire of any organization would be to reduce the total cost of ownership and OP-EX of solutions. To achieve this in an organization that has got several Serverless Applications is not an easy take. What could be the challenges? 

  • Cloud solutions are hard to understand 
    • Often involves many technologies and services 
    • The fragmented architectures are complex to document and troubleshoot 
  • It’s hard to give the least privilege access to non-specialists to support a solution 
  • Many times, the support team make the problem worse through too much access without enough experience 

Highly skilled and experienced people are required to provide efficient support. There is a challenge of less skilled support person breaking the business solution. Considering a typical support process, as the support moves towards right the cost of the support turns out to be higher. 

Azure total cost of ownership

Real world requirement is to move things to the left. But, quite small % of support is dealt with the 1st and 2nd level support team tends to be more with the DevOps team and most of which are dealt with Development or Specialist team. It’s difficult to offload this support. 

Azure total cost of ownership

The democratization of IT Support aims at making efficient support possible by less experienced or less skilled people. The right tool is necessary to make this possible. 

Serverless360 is trying to tackle the problem by getting people more involved in support experience.

Solutions from Serverless360 to enable your Support

  • Composite Applications: 
  • In recent Industry trends, Composite integration applications have become quite common.  The number of Azure Serverless services are composed together to solve a business solution. 

    “How do we support a Serverless Composite Integration Application in the real world”? 

    How to take the number of resources from different Subscriptions and Resource groups, those work together to solve a business? How to package them and provide access to the support team to manage these business solutions with limited permissions? Here is where the need for Serverless360 composite application comes in.

    composite application in Serverless360 will let the support team better understand the business application

    To provide the best Customer support, a good understanding of the Serverless Application is inevitable. The capability to define a topology diagram of the composite application in Serverless360 will let the support team better understand the business application. The inferences that can be made from a topology diagram are: 

    • How do the participating entities interact with each other? 
    • What is the business workflow? 
    • Status of the entities based on the monitors configured 
    • Attention to issues on entities 

    Topology diagram can draw attention of the team

    Read more on this feature here.

    Topology diagram can draw attention of the team to proactively resolve issues even before a customer needs a support.

  • End-to-End Tracking of the Business process:
  • Where did the message go? Is one of the most important questions the support team finds it hard to get an answer for.  Consider an E-commerce scenario, for every new order received in the Service Bus Queue several stages need to be executed. Each stage is defined by a Logic App run action. There is a great possibility of this message failing to pass through a stage in the business transaction. What is required is an end to end tracking solution that can clearly figure out which stage in my business transaction fail and why did it fail? 

    Serverless360 offers End-to-End Tracking of the Business process

    Serverless360 lets you define multiple business processes which can be mapped to Composite Applications. Each business process, in turn, can have multiple transactions with stages defined. With this capability achieve the following: 

    • Track messages through stages in your Business transaction
    • Identify failures at any stage of the business transaction
    • Get immediate access to the exception details
    • Reprocess the failures to restore the application
      • Search for a message
      • Save searches for quick access

    Read more on this feature here. 

    Serverless360 handles the multiple business processes which can be mapped to Composite Applications.

    Easy way to manage and monitor the out of box capabilties

  • Out of box monitoring solutions: 
  • To provide the best customer experience it is necessary to ensure the Serverless Applications are in order at any point in time. Monitoring is essential to keep an eye on Serverless components to understand if they are functioning as expected.  

    Monitors in Serverless360 can be configured to check multiple entities as a group. Entities can be monitored at the property level against desired values and alerts can be forwarded to different notification channels like Slack, Teams, Webhook, etc. In Serverless360, you can configure 4 main types of monitors to meet various business needs. 

    • Threshold Monitor: Monitor your entities when their state or properties violate desired values for a specified period say a few seconds/minutes.  
    • Status Monitor: Generate report at specific times in a day representing the state of entities against the desired values of their status and properties 
    • Data Monitor: Configure to get notified on efficiency or reliability or consumption of the Azure entities by monitoring their extensive list of metrics.
    • Watch Monitor: Get notified in near real-time on the failure of associated Logic App or Azure Functions or API endpoints.
    • Business Process MonitorGet alerts on exceptions in Business processes and on violations in Business Activity Monitoring Queries. 

    Read more on this feature here. 

    Monitors in Serverless360 can be configured to check multiple entities as a group.

  • Integration to Notification Channels: 
  • Preferred methods of communication have changed over the years—pagers, SMS, email, and now online messaging platforms like Webhook, Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc. Today’s workforce is no longer in a single location but is distributed, making timely communication more challenging. Sending alerts to an email in most cases result in an alert going unnoticed for too long.  


    If your Organization already uses any of those channels mentioned above, it becomes easier to receive alerts from Serverless360 right into those channels.  

    Easier to receive alerts from Serverless360 right into those channels

2. Do better DevOps

DevOps indeed is the industry accepted standard for better Application development. The right choice of tool is the secret of DevOps success. Serverless360 has got capabilities to achieve and automate business-critical tasks. 

Solutions from Serverless360

  • Find solutions for most wanted implementations 
  • Serverless360 has got capabilities to address the gaps in the Azure portal. Most common requirements like, create a topic subscription rule, managing shared access policies of entities, modify entity state, import entities, do much more without writing a single line of code. 

    Please refer our complete product documentation for details on capabilities offered for every supported Azure serverless service. 

     Serverless360 has got capabilities to achieve and automate business-critical tasks

  • Auto-process left behind messages in Service Bus 
  • The application listening to the Service Bus Queue might leave behind certain messages unprocessed. These messages need to be moved to another Service Bus Queue to accomplish failover processing. This must be carried out at a defined frequency to ensure none of the business orders go unprocessed. This critical business requirement can be achieved using automated activities to process active messages in Service Bus. 

    Read more on this feature here. 

    Auto-process left behind messages in Service Bus

  • Auto-process Dead Lettered Messages 
  • Piled up dead letter messages need to be appropriately processed. Manual processing of them is time-consuming and prone to errors. Use Dead Letter Message processing activities to reprocess or purge the dead letter messages by the dead letter reason. Schedule this activity to auto-manage the dead letter messages in Service Bus Queues and Topics. 

    Read more on this feature here. 

    Process Dead Lettered Events in Event Grid Subscriptions

  • Process Dead Lettered Events in Event Grid Subscriptions 
  • Events transmitted to an Event Grid Subscription will get dead lettered if the subscriber was not active. The challenge here is those dead letter events cannot be accessed through the Azure portal. Serverless360 enables processing of the dead lettered events in Event Grid subscriptions 

  • Process Messages in Storage Queues 
  • Don’t get visibility of messages in the storage Queue even with Azure Storage explorer? Serverless360 has got message processing capabilities on storage queue messages. View, modify, resubmit messages in storage queues. 

    Read more on this feature here. 

    Achieve message processing capabilities those are not possible through Storage Explorer

  • Detect Anomalies 
  • Data monitor on entity metrics to detect anomalies over a period in the data monitor dashboard. For example, identify when there is sudden increase in Memory working set of a Function App or Unauthorized requests to an APIM product and so on. 

    Read more on this feature here. 

    Data monitor on entity metrics to detect anomalies

  • Debug business orchestration 
  • One key challenge Azure application developers report is the lack of support to debug the business orchestration built putting together Azure Serverless services. Serverless360 has got the capabilities to support effective debugging of the business application. 

    • Instrument your business orchestration to define the business process that includes transactions containing multiple stages by invoking Serverless360 tracking API. Diagnose failure in the configured transactions using Business Activity Monitoring in Serverless360. Reprocess the stage to overcome the error. Read more on this feature here. 
    • With Watch Monitor detects failure in the associate Logic App, Function App and API endpoint. Drill down to the details of a Logic App trigger or run action to investigate the root cause of the failure. Get visibility on the messages in the Service Bus Queues or Topic Subscriptions, Storage Queues and events in the Event Grid subscriptions for better debugging. Read more on this feature here. 


3. Manage your Azure spending

The most important reason to adapt to Serverless architecture is that we would pay only for what we use. Hence it is equally important to have an eye on the consumption of the entities and clear off unnecessary data that would constitute the cost spent. Achieving this manually is quite not possible. Serverless360 has got capabilities to meet these requirements. 

  • Data Monitor entities for their Consumption 
  • Configure a data monitor for entities on those metrics influencing their consumption. For example, a Function Apps consumption can be measured by monitoring on metrics like Memory Working Set, Average Memory Working Set, and Function Execution Units. Alerts can be received when the configured metrics violate the expected warning and error threshold values. 

    Read more on this feature here. 

    Manage your Azure spending

  • Auto clean unused storage blobs: 
  • Storage blobs might silently grow to eventually consume a lot in the Azure subscription. The need here would be to auto clean those blobs which are older by specified duration or not modified for the specified duration. Serverless360 has got activity to clean storage blobs by their type and age. 

    Read more on this feature here. 


  • Auto Purge invalid messages in the Service Bus 
  • Messages in Service Bus Queue dead lettered due to custom reason like ‘invalid’ can be removed using purge dead letter messages activity on the Service Bus Queue or Topic subscription. This is important as the unwanted invalid dead lettered messages staying back in the queue will indeed contribute to the consumption of the Service Bus entity. 


4. Achieve advanced security

Security can never be an afterthought in managing and monitoring business applications. Providing least privileges will not let the user perform designated operations whereas more than required permissions are dangerous. What is needed is an appropriate role definition with need only permissions at the application with auditing enabled. 

  • Integrate Azure Active Directory 
  • Serverless360 facilitates integrating Azure Active Directory to ensure only the authorized users of the organization can gain access to their Serverless360 account managing and monitoring the business applications. Also, enjoy single sign-on with Azure portal with Azure AD integration. 

    Read more on this feature here. 

  • Define granular user access policy 
  • Though there is a Role Based Access Control system available in the Azure portal it is challenging to come up with an appropriate custom role with need only permissions on the entities in the business application. Custom roles in Serverless360 are simple and straight forward. Provide permissions at the application level. Define a granular user access policy defining actions the role can perform. 

    Read more on this feature here. 

    Serverless360 facilitates integrating Azure Active Directory to ensure only the authorized users of the organization

  • Govern & Audit 
  • When multiple users are authorized to access the Azure entities, it is necessary that their actions on the Azure applications are audited. Serverless360 tracks every user action on the Azure entities associated with it. It is also possible to export the reports to excel or pdf format. 

    Read more on this feature here. 

    Serverless360 tracks every user action on the Azure entities

5. Our Customer Obsessed culture

Last but not least, you should select Serverless360 to partner with an organization that has built a customer-obsessed culture.

  • Listening to our Customers 
  • We have got Product Consultants who listen to our customer’s feedback and ensure their expectations are met. Every individual in the organization has got adequate knowledge in the Integration space to deliver the right solution to the Customers. We had put sincere efforts into building a customer-obsessed culture here at Kovai.co.  

    Find most of the challenges with Azure portal already solved in Serverless360

  • Dedicated Support 
  • Once you choose Serverless360 you can be rest assured to get dedicated customer support right from the day you start trying out the productWe pride ourselves in aiming to provide excellent customer service. Below are a few reactions captured from our customers and prospects. 


    What is covered in this article is not an exhaustive list of capabilities that Serverless360 offers. Explore more about the product here. Reach out to us at contact@serverless360.com for any assistance. 

Author: Ezhilarasi Chezhiyan

Ezhilarasi Chezhiyan, Technical Lead for the product, Serverless360, at Kovai Systems India Pvt Ltd. She has over 8 years of experience in Software development with knowledge spectrum spread across various domains. Problem-solving is her passion and she believes in the quote by Albert Einstein- "Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death"

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