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Azure Serverless Services most used: findings from Microsoft Ignite 2019- Webinar Spoiler

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Microsoft Ignite 2019, the best event to understand the Industry trends, cloud adoption, real-time business use cases, technology updates, product updates and much more. This massive event brings together the solution providers and the solution seekers.

Cloud adoption is increasing rapidly to accelerate IT modernization. Success in modernizing IT through the cloud is driven by a complete standardization and automation strategy.

Azure Serverless services are indeed powerful, especially when they are put together to build real-time applications. However, this invites complexity in providing appropriate support. Here is where Serverless360 can pitch in.

For Serverless360, Microsoft Ignite 2019 was indeed a great platform to connect with attendees who play a significant role in designing the Azure application architecture. One common challenge they all expressed was that they are not comfortable in sharing their Azure portal access with their Support Engineers due to various reasons like:

  • Azure portal is too complex for a support/ business user to understand
  • Security is a concern. It’s hard to define a role with limited permissions in the Azure portal

This will let them end up in increased total cost of ownership as their high paid Azure resources will be engaged in routine support tasks.

Serverless360 had got capabilities that complement the Azure portal from the support perspective. It was encouraging when the attendees acknowledged the same.

As a Product Consultant of Serverless360, my focus throughout the Ignite conference was on the following:

  1. Azure Serverless services most used
  2. Industry trend in building Serverless Applications
  3. Challenges in supporting the Serverless Applications
  4. Solutions from Serverless360 to address real-time challenges
  5. Interesting use cases to include in Serverless360 product backlog

The quality discussions with the attendees at Ignite, helped me acquire knowledge beyond my expectation. I am more than happy to share it with the community through this webinar on “Azure Serverless Services most used: findings from Microsoft Ignite 2019” on 4th of December.

This 1-hour webinar will focus on the following topics:

  1. Azure Serverless Services most used among the attendees
  2. Building real-time Serverless applications
  3. Serverless360, a complement to the Azure portal in supporting Serverless Applications

This webinar will be delivered twice at 10:00 AM and at 5:00 PM GMT. Join us at the time that best suits your schedule. Thanks!

Also, keep a watch out on this space as our team is planning on curating a blog covering our experience at Microsoft Ignite 2019. So, Don’t miss it out :). Here is a short clip highlighting the spoilers for this webinar.