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Top 5 Azure Cost Optimization Tools in 2023

Dharshini Preethu

5 Mins Read | Published on Feb 13, 2023

Azure Cost Optimization Tools

What is Cost Optimization?

Cost optimization reduces costs while still achieving the same or higher output quality. It involves looking at all business areas, from labor costs to production inputs, to identify areas where costs can be reduced and more efficient.

What is Cost Optimization in Azure?

When you ought to spend on many resources, you are likely to use them, increasing unnecessary cost consumption and resource wastage. Thus, the Sparing Cost Optimization tools take its place to help in managing these overspending and under-utilization of resources that gradually prevents the overhead of resource wastage.

Serverless360 Cost Analyzer

What are the critical factors of an Azure Cost optimization tool?

The critical factors of an Azure Cost optimization tool include understanding and evaluating data usage, leveraging cost-effective options such as reserved instance pricing and spot instances, identifying and removing unused resources, and monitoring for cost efficiency.

There are numerous Azure Cost management tools to optimize spending on azure cloud resources. Considering various aspects, we have selected the Top 5 Cost Optimization tools that would help you in better Cost Optimization.

Now, let’s see about the five best Cost Optimization tools available in the market.

1. Serverless360

Serverless360 Azure Cost Analysis
Serverless360 is a suite of solutions designed to help businesses manage their cloud services. It includes monitoring, automation, and analytics capabilities to help businesses improve performance, reduce costs, and optimize cloud operations. Serverless360 also provides solutions to help businesses troubleshoot problems, detect anomalies, and maintain their infrastructure.
Serverless360 Azure cost management tool is mainly designed to manage, visualize, monitor, and optimize Azure cloud costs, all from one platform.


  • Azure cost forecasting.
  • Continuous and Automatic Azure cost optimization.
  • Manage Azure resource costs across multiple subscriptions.
  • Receive budgeting alerts at various levels.
  • Excellent dashboard trends to Visualize cost spending.
  • Forecasts potential cost savings based on resource uptime.
  • We are scheduling Azure resources to optimize costs.
  • Insightful and customizable reports based on resource usage.
  • Easy to use.


  • Provides accurate cost usage of azure resources.
  • Provides solid unit economics and more organized spending reports regarding Azure cost management.
  • Provides a comprehensive view of costs across the entire Azure infrastructure.
  • It helps organizations of all sizes achieve cloud cost maturity.
  • Auto-pauses resources that are idle outside business hours.


Does not expand to other cloud platforms.

Customer Rating

Average Customer Rating considering G2- 4.7 /5

Enterprise firms typically operate in various environments; therefore, visualizing many settings under one roof would be a better alternative for an enterprise user.
Serverless360 Azure cost management tool eliminates all these challenges and provides a better option for cost monitoring and visualization across multiple Azure subscriptions.

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2. Azure Cost Management

Azure Cost Optimization
Azure Cost Management is a highly customizable tool used by most Azure users. It enables users to integrate with other tools to present better and generate more detailed reporting. It provides a high-level view of resource costs and how to save them.


  • Supports rich operational and financial insights to make informed decisions.
  • Helps to manage both Azure and AWS spending.
  • Emphasize policies for cost management and increase accountability with cost allocation.


  • It accounts for even the most disputed cost occurrence.
  • Budgeting alerts can be transmitted based on usage limits.
  • Free for Azure users.


  • Data management is intense and hard to manage.
  • Knowledge of the deployment of Azure is needed.
  • Does not provide offline access to Azure users during the Main system outage.

Customer Rating

Average Customer Rating considering Gartner and G2- 3.8 /5

3. Apptio

Azure Cost Optimization Tools
Apptio provides a solution for tracking, managing, and optimizing azure cloud costs. Apptio provides details on the cost incurred by the resources and is widely used by the IT and Finance sectors.


  • Supports accurate forecasting.
  • Provides Precise budgeting on azure costs.
  • Helps in providing superior strategic decisions.


  • Apptio has extraordinary Usage transparency for Azure costs.
  • The best tool for IT Finance management sectors.
  • Provides several integration options specific to ITFM tools.


  • Unallocated resources should be contemplated.
  • Provides minimal support for Azure.
  • Lack of customization options.
  • Limited scalability and relatively high cost.

Customer Rating

Average Customer Rating considering Gartner and G2- 4.0 /5

4. Spot

Azure Cost Optimization Tools
The spot is one of the leading platform providers with excellent automation functionalities. It eliminates the manual work of managing the azure infrastructure and continuously optimizes the cloud cost.

This data analytics platform provides insights into various cloud services, applications, and networks.


  • Predictive analysis on overspending
  • Beneficial insights via automation
  • Access to multiple virtual machines within a single group


  • Optimize cost spending with cost management recommendations.
  • Easy to use.
  • Ability to gain insights into cloud services, applications, and networks.


  • Potential service disruption.
  • Limited support for certain types of workloads.
  • Need for manual intervention for specific tasks.

Customer Rating

Average Customer Rating considering G2- 4.8 /5

5. Cloud Health

Azure Cost Optimization
CloudHealth is a tool for cloud security and cost analysis. It optimizes your azure cloud spending using custom rules that can be automated. Cloud Financial Management sectors mostly use CloudHealth to lower cloud bills and set budgets for the same.


  • It has advanced security and compliance.
  • Support cloud governance.
  • Cost optimization recommendations.


  • Provides detailed cost and usage analysis.
  • Offers a range of integration with popular cloud services, such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Provides automation tools to simplify cloud operations.


  • Expensive solution compared to other cloud management solutions.
  • The complexity of its features can be overwhelming for users who need to become more familiar with cloud management.
  • The customer support offered by CloudHealth by VMware is less comprehensive than some of its competitors.

Customer Rating

Average Customer Rating considering Gartner and G2- 4.2 /5

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