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Automated Tasks in Serverless360: Key to Improve Business Operational Efficiency – Webinar Spoiler

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Azure offers out of box Serverless services that simplify building complex business applications. That’s indeed the reason why Organizations adopt to Serverless architecture. Building Serverless Applications using Azure Serverless services can help in getting a reliable solution sooner to the market.

The best part being we just need to focus on the core business need, other requirements like scaling, availability, security, and all are taken care of by Microsoft Azure. Azure Service Bus Queues and Topics offers the most reliable messaging platform, Event Hubs for real-time event processing, Logic Apps had got several connectors readily available which can facilitate defining business workflow with minimal coding.

However, supporting these applications in real-time has got some challenges that can be overcome using a tool like Serverless360 which is crafted with capabilities to complement the Azure portal in supporting Serverless Applications.

Why Attend this Webinar

In this webinar, let us discover how Automated Tasks in Serverless360 can help to improve the operational efficiency in supporting Serverless Applications in production. Automating resubmission of the dead- lettered Service Bus messages and failed Logic App runs can help to restore business with minimal manual intervention. Auto-cleaning obsolete blobs can help in the cutting of unnecessary spending in Azure storage. It is also possible to simulate a test environment for Event Hubs and Event Grids using Serverless360 Automated Tasks.

We are also joined by our valuable customer, Manish Upadhyaya, Cloud Solutions Architect Kleinschmidtinc. Manish is a Cloud Solutions Architect with an extensive consulting background; focused on cloud integration technologies. We are pleased to host him sharing his feedback on Serverless360.

Join this upcoming webinar on 11th June from 01 to 02 PM BST. Grab your slot now. And, if you think you cannot attend the session at the specified time, no worries! Go ahead and register, we make sure to send you the link for the session’s recording.