Serverless Microservices

Orchestrating Serverless Microservices in Azure with Durable Functions

Introduction Microservices architecture is getting adopted extensively in the world of distributed applications There are various options and frameworks

Srivathsan Sampathkumar
14 Oct 2020
Azure Durable Functions CI-CD Issue Solved

Azure Durable Functions CI/CD Issue Solved!

Introduction This blog explains a peculiar issue faced when Azure Durable Functions are deployed using Azure DevOps In case you need to know what Azure

Srivathsan Sampathkumar
13 Aug 2020
Azure Arc and why it matters

Azure Arc for Kubernetes

This blog is a transcript of the session “Azure Arc and why it matters” presented by Mikkel Hegnhoj, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft It

Srivathsan Sampathkumar
02 Jun 2020

Detailed view on Azure Function Custom Handlers

Overview Custom Handler is a feature in Azure Functions which lets you bring your own command, script, or executable, and hook it up to Azure Functions

Srivathsan Sampathkumar
08 May 2020