Azure storage explorer

May 18

Boost Productivity Through Optimized Azure Storage Management

In the fast-growing Azure world, the significant need for organisations would be productivity Any enterprise that invests in a tool for their serverless needs

By Amrita Varsihini
Azure Database Monitoring

Feb 17

The next Big Thing in Azure Database Monitoring Landscape

Today's applications are expected to be highly responsive and always online Such circumstances excite the pressure on applications to respond in real-time to

By Amrita Varsihini
Integrate Remote 2020 banner - When to Use What Integration Offering 2020 Edition

Jun 3

When to Use What Integration Offering: 2020 Edition

This blog is an abstract from the session “When to Use What Integration Offering: 2020 Edition” presented by Richard Seroter on Day 3 of

By Amrita Varsihini
Azure Function 3.0

Mar 26

Introduction to Azure Functions 3.0

Azure Functions has recently released its new version “Azure Functions 30” and it is generally available now This blog is all about the upgraded

By Amrita Varsihini

Feb 21

Serverless360 BAM – A Quick Walkthrough

Need for Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) In a real-time business scenario, various Azure services are integrated to define a business process Day by day

By Amrita Varsihini