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5 Challenges with Service Bus Explorer – Webinar Spoiler

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Azure Service Bus Queues and Topics offer a reliable and secure platform for building high performing, decoupled business-critical applications. This Azure offered messaging platform is indeed powerful, however, the challenge being lack of visibility on the messages in the Service Bus Queues and Topic Subscriptions in the Azure Portal. It becomes hard for the support and operational team to extend appropriate support to their end-users.

Service Bus Explorer is an excellent community tool that can provide visibility on the messages in the Service Bus Queues and Topic Subscriptions. It’s also popular among the Azure Service Bus users as it facilitates accessing a Service Bus entity through connection string to get visibility on the Service Bus messages.

Overcoming Service Bus Explorer Challenges with Serverless360

Service Bus Explorer is indeed a good option when the need is just to get visibility and perform basic operations on a single Service Bus Queue or Topic subscription at a time. However, when we consider an Enterprise business application built using multiple Service Queues and Topics along with several other Serverless services like Logic App and Function App, Service Bus Explorer is just not enough. Here is where a tool like Serverless360 becomes necessary to get a holistic view of the Serverless application.

Moreover, to access a Service Bus entity in Service Bus Explorer, it is required to share the connection string with manage claims to the operations and support team which is not advisable. But, Serverless360 can provide a more secure alternate authorization using Service principals. It is also possible to achieve a granular user access policy using User Management in Serverless360.

Operations that can be performed on the messages in Service Bus Queues and Topic Subscriptions through Service Bus Explorer is limited. The demands in real-time business would be to resubmit, repair and resubmit and purge along with governance and audit. Serverless360 has got out-of-box message processing capabilities along with scope for automation, all being governed and audited.

Serverless360 can address not only the challenges in managing Azure Service Bus using Service Bus Explorer but also offers consolidated monitoring along with integration to notification channels to keep the product team informed on the application status.

Join this upcoming webinar scheduled to happen on 8th April at 10 AM GMT to get a better picture of the challenges with Service Bus Explorer and how Serverless360 can help you overcome them. Also, if you think you cannot attend the webinar at the specified time, no worries! Go ahead and register, our team will make sure to send you the webinar recording.

Here is a short clip highlighting the spoilers of this webinar.