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Highlights from Microsoft Inspire 2020

Jul 31

Highlights from Microsoft Inspire 2020! – Webinar Spoiler

Microsoft Inspire is a Partner gathering were partners of Microsoft all around the world come to know about the Microsoft roadmap of the upcoming year and what

By Nishanth Prabhakaran
Azure web app endpoint monitoring

Jul 29

How to Monitor Azure Web App EndPoint via Microsoft and 3rd Party Technologies

Introduction The Azure portal has the capability for endpoint monitoring by continuously pinging the website and checking its status from different parts of

By Manikandan
Monitoring Durable Functions solutions with Serverless360

Jul 22

Monitoring Durable Functions with Solutions from Serverless360

Durable Functions Durable Function is an extension of Azure Functions which allows us to write stateful functions in serverless computing environments It

By Sowndarya Balakrishnan
Application Insights custom events

Jul 15

Best Practices in Handling the Application Insights Custom Events

What are Application Insights Application Insights is used to monitor your live applications It automatically detects performance anomalies It also helps you

By Priya Latha

Jul 15

Visualize Azure Resources from Multiple Subscriptions under One-roof – Webinar Spoiler

Serverless is the trend in application architecture Enterprises all around the world adapts to Azure plays a key role in this area by offering enterprise

By Nishanth Prabhakaran
Azure Log Analytics Workspace

Jul 10

A Starter Guide to Excel with Azure Log Analytics Workspace

Introduction Azure Log Analytics Workspace is the logical storage unit where log data is collected and stored It can be considered as the basic management

By Fareed Ahamed
Azure Functions Live

Jun 25

Azure Functions Live – June 2020

The Azure Functions team has yet again joined us for another monthly live webcast by staying remote and safe In this live webcast, along with Jeff Hollan,

By Nadeem Ahamed
Serverless360 webinar

Jun 9

Automated Tasks in Serverless360: Key to Improve Business Operational Efficiency – Webinar Spoiler

Azure offers out of box Serverless services that simplify building complex business applications That’s indeed the reason why Organizations adopt to

By Ezhilarasi Chezhiyan
Integrate Remote 2020 banner - API's and Events - a cloud affair

Jun 3

How to Secure Your Precious APIs

This blog is a transcript of the session “How to secure your precious API with API Management” by Mike Budzynski, Program Manager on API

By Srihari Senthil

Jun 3

High Availability and Disaster Recovery Recipes for Azure Integration Services

This blog is a transcript of the session “High Availability and Disaster Recovery recipes for Azure Integration Services” presented by Toon

By serverless360