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Jan 27

How to call deprecated connector actions on Logic Apps

You may know my series of blog posts about BizTalk Server Tips and Tricks that I normally write in the BizTalk360 blog Well, the goal of this Logic Apps Tips

By Sandro Pereira
Azure Functions Live

Jan 23

Azure Functions Live – January 2020

It is really exciting to see the Azure Functions team back again to the monthly live webcast after quite a long time Here is a bit of introduction about this

By Nadeem Ahamed
Azure Functions Dependensy Injection

Jan 2

Dependency Injection in Azure Functions

Introduction This blog focuses on implementing the Dependency Injection design pattern to the Azure Functions For a better understanding of Dependency

By Nishanth Prabhakaran

Dec 27

Azure Logic App Triggers

This blog will brief on Azure Logic App Triggers Let us see a short introduction of what a Logic App is and how does it work before getting deep into

By Balasubramaniam Murugesan
Use Webhooks for Async HTTP Messaging in Azure Logic Apps

Dec 18

Use Webhooks for Async HTTP Messaging in Azure Logic Apps

There are scenarios where we want to de-couple logic across multiple logic apps Generally, this is a straight forward endeavor, unless the downstream logic app

By Kent Weare

Dec 13

Live Dashboard for Azure Serverless Applications

This blog focuses on Dashboard capabilities in Serverless360 and its use cases Let us take a simple cab booking application scenario to have a better

By Sowndarya Balakrishnan

Dec 6

Azure Service Bus Dead-Letter Queues

What is the Service Bus Queue Queues are a very common piece of infrastructure It offers First In, First Out (FIFO) message delivery to one or more

By Priya Latha

Dec 2

Azure API Management Overview

API Management (APIM) helps organizations publish APIs to external, partner, and internal developers to unlock the potential of their data and services API

By Pavithra Rajendran

Nov 29

Azure Logic App Expressions

This blog will brief on Azure Logic App Expressions Before getting deep into Logic App expressions let us have a short introduction about Workflow Definition

By Balasubramaniam Murugesan

Nov 22

Event Grid Delivery and Retry Policy

Why Event Grid Azure Event Grid facilitates building event-driven serverless apps that can effectively solve a real-time business problems with a focus on the

By Ranjith Eswaran