Looking for Azure Web Apps Monitoring and Management?

With Serverless360, Manage and Monitor the Azure Web Apps

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Azure Web Apps Management

Quick access to key properties of Web Apps

Check Azure Web Apps Status
Check Status

Check whether the Azure Web Apps are running state as expected or not

Access Azure Web App Properties
Access Properties

View Azure Web App Properties like host names, Region and more

Azure Web Apps Monitoring

Monitor Web Apps in multiple perspectives

Azure Web Apps Monitoring
Eye on Memory Consumption

Monitor the average memory working set and the Garbage collection of the Azure Web Apps using Data Monitor

Detect various http errors
Detect Http Errors

Detect various http response error code and prevent unauthorized access

Monitor web app performance and latency using Serverless360
Monitor Performance and Latency

Detect the Performance, Number of requests and Response Latency

Monitor the state of the Azure Web Apps
Health Check

Monitor the state of the Azure Web Apps on specific days in a week and specific hours in a day

Monitor violations of Web app with Serverless360
Monitor on Violation

Threshold Monitor the state of an Azure Web App only for a defined violation