Achieve seamless experience with Azure Service Bus monitoring

Strengthen your Azure Service Bus monitoring and get powerful toolsets, actionable insights to troubleshoot messaging issues.

Monitoring 97k+ Azure Resources & Growing

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Go beyond monitoring with built-in operational features

Be on top of Azure Service Bus issues with proactive monitoring

  • Monitor multiple Queues and Topics Subscriptions against various metrics in a single report
  • Monitor Azure Service Bus dead letter messages with warning thresholds to avoid business impacts
  • Get insights on the Service Bus user errors, properties, throughput, health, and more

The best alternative to the Service Bus Explorer Tool.

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Achieve end-to-end message tracing across the stack

With Serverless360 BAM, attain complete visibility on the Azure Service Bus messages by tracing them in every business transaction stage along with necessary properties.

Track, visualize and get alerted on messages

  • Keep track of active messages, and be alerted when a message expires and moves to a dead letter queue
  • Have complete visibility on Service Bus Message content and properties
  • Locate the desired messages in seconds with advanced search

Bulk reprocess messages with Intelligent Automation

  • Repair and resubmit active or dead-lettered messages from Azure Service Bus Queues and Topic Subscriptions
  • Auto reprocess messages on schedule that get dead lettered for known reasons
  • Avoid message throttling by forwarding messages to another target Queue or Topic

Get a critical notification on channels of your choice

  • Create incidents and support tickets with PagerDuty and Service Now integration
  • Notify appropriate stakeholders on violations through various collaboration tools like Teams, Slack to stay on top of critical issues

Ensure Service Bus availability to reduce downtime

Continuously monitor the resource availability and restore business by auto-correcting its state. No more midnight calls to your support team to re-enable the defective Service Bus resource state.

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The Management and Monitoring Hub for Azure Service Bus

Microsoft Azure Service Bus, without doubt, is one of the most reliable messaging resources for applications available in the cloud or across any device. It is a reliable resource for transferring messages between different applications and services. Still, if complex integration solutions involve one or more Service Bus, the users tend to face some challenges.

In this whitepaper, we have complied pieces of information based on our interactions with Customers of various business domains and shared inputs on how Serverless360 could offer a solution to their day-to-day challenges involving Azure Service Bus.

Indispensable Features for Production Environments

Azure Service Bus Monitoring for Queues and Topics

Compare two dependent metrics

Monitor Service Bus on their state and properties

Purge messages in bulk by specific criteria

Azure Service Bus Monitoring for Queues and Topics

Detect silence on incoming messages

Monitor Service Bus on their state and properties

Prevent Message loss on resubmitting messages to Duplicate Detection Enabled entity

Azure Service Bus Monitoring for Queues and Topics

Observe the trends in Service Bus dead lettered and active messages

Monitor Service Bus on their state and properties

Define Topic Subscription rules

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