Azure Logic Apps Monitoring and Management

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Challenges with Existing system

Consider the workflow of business application defined using multiple Azure Logic Apps. Different stakeholders of the business application will have different needs to be addressed as they manage and monitor the Azure Logic Apps. Some key requirements which are hard to be achieved through the Azure portal are auto- correcting the Logic App state when found to be not as expected, instant reflection of the warning and error state of the Logic App in a service map view, near real time detection of failure, automation in resubmission of specific failed run actions, end to end tracking on the message flowing through the Logic Apps and evaluation on the consumption, performance and reliability. These requirements cannot be achieved directly through the Azure portal whereas Serverless360 can come in as a complement to the Azure portal, as it is crafted with capabilities to address the gaps in the Azure portal.

Azure Logic Apps Management

Perform all basic operations on the associated Logic App from Serverless360 itself

Get immediate feedback on Azure Logic Apps
Get Application Visibility

Understand role of the Logic App in the business application through Service Map

Enable and disable the state of Azure Logic Apps
Immediate Feedback

At any point in time get to know the status of the Logic App on the Service Map

Delete it in Serverless360 instead of using Azure portal

Enable the Logic App to restore the business or Disable the Logic App for maintenance from Serverless360 itself

Access Logic apps properties from Serverless360
Access Properties

Get details on the Resource Group, Subscription from the Logic App properties

Debug Azure Logic Apps

Overcome the most reported challenge for debugging Logic App execution with the all necessary information about the triggers and runs

Access Azure Logic Apps Trigger History

View details of Logic App triggers along with the input and output details

Access Azure Logic Apps Run History
Access Run History

Access details of every run action with the execution status

Serverless360 supports Logic App with multiple triggers too
Multiple Triggers

Serverless360 supports Logic App with multiple triggers too, filter by trigger name to fetch relevant trigger histories

Access Azure Logic Apps Trigger History

Set up watch monitor to detect specific business critical failures in your Logic Apps

Access Azure Logic Apps Trigger History

Consume the custom Logic App connectors from Serverless360 and achieve end to end tracking of message flowing through the Logic App

Automate Logic App run resubmissions

Consider a Logic App run action that writes to an Azure SQL database. The region in which the database exists goes down. Which would cause multiple executions of the Logic App run action to fail. When the Azure region restores, the failed runs need to be resubmitted to restore the business.

Azure Logic Apps can monitor the Health report on State

Resubmit the Logic App runs filtered by status in Serverless360. Overcome the challenge of lack in correlation using tag that connects the parent and the child run

Monitor State violation in Azure Logic Apps

Dealing with a huge list of failed run actions. Automated tasks equipped with intelligence in Serverless360 can come in for rescue.

Azure Logic Apps Monitoring

With Serverless360 monitors, monitor Logic App in those perspectives that are not possible in the Azure portal

Azure Logic Apps can monitor the Health report on State
Health report on State

With Status monitor in Serverless360 configure to get health report on Logic App state at specified intervals

Monitor State violation in Azure Logic Apps
Monitor State violation

Configure threshold monitor to alert if the Logic App state is not as expected for a specified duration

Azure Logic Apps can Evaluate Efficiency

Serverless360 can detect violation in state of Logic Apps and correct the same to meet the expected state without any manual intervention

Azure Logic Apps can Evaluate Efficiency
Evaluate Efficiency

Configure Data Monitor on Logic App metrics like ‘Run Failure Percentage’

Azure Logic Apps Monitoring with Eye on Consumption
Eye on Consumption

Have an eye on the Logic App consumption Configure Data Monitor on metrics like ‘Total Billable Executions’

Monitor Logic App in various perspectives
Various Perspectives

Monitor Logic App in various perspectives like performance, consumption, reliability using Serverless360 Data Monitors

Serverless360 can Monitor endpoint
Monitor endpoint

Logic app exposed as an endpoint? Check its response and responsiveness

Serverless360 can Monitor endpoint

With watch monitor in place get alerts on error in near real time