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Azure Event Hub Monitoring Tool

Start monitoring Event Hubs Namespace and receive alerts about critical issues to streamline millions of events in real-time.

Get up and running in under 5 minutes.

Serverless360 is the trusted solution for Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

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Top reasons why Azure teams prefer us

The platform offers far beyond dashboards & alerts for Event Hubs – it empowers Azure teams to fasten troubleshooting.

Advanced Observability

Ensure your Azure Event Hubs is running without failures. Get immediately notified of any unhealthy resources.

Consolidated Report

Track a wide range of performance metrics in a single report to eliminate alert storms and false-positive signals.

Save Time

Based on the observations, built-in automation can be executed against Event Hubs to remediate issues on the fly.

Jan Linders

Retail Industry

“We don’t have enough time to resolve if there is an order failure, so we need to know that immediately, and that’s what Serverless360 is doing for us.”

Jari van den Munckhof
Product Owner

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Proactive monitoring support to prevent failures

  • Monitor Event Hub capture’s backlog, messages and bytes
  • Compare any corresponding metrics (Incoming vs Successful request)
  • Exclusive monitoring support for Event Hub Partitions
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Azure Event Hubs Monitoring

Advanced automation to improve operations

  • Ensure Event Hubs work as expected by sending test events
  • Get out-of-the-box access to Event Hubs partition details
  • Bulk create or delete Consumer group in an Event Hub
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Advanced automation to improve operations

Monitor Capture, Quota and Client under one roof

  • Track capture backlog, messages and bytes
  • Ensure interacting client devices are active with incoming request metric
  • Have an eye on the Quota Exceeded Error to streamline events at scale
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resubmit azure event grid dead-letters

Visualize performance issues with interactive dashboard

  • Build dashboards to correlate Connections Closed vs Opened
  • Discover failure trends in Event Hub Error Summary
  • Leverage flexible chart options to build customisable live dashboards
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Event Hubs Monitoring

Stay on top of governance and auditing

  • Audit actions performed at the Event Grid subscription level
  • Give only desired access permissions with custom roles
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Governance and Auditing

Support to diverse notification channels

  • Create incidents with PagerDuty and Service Now integration
  • Notify appropriate stakeholders via collaboration tools like Teams & Slack
  • Start designing customizable email notification templates
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Notification Channels

Real stories from real customers

It's not just about our platform. It's about our people.

“We get instant support from the team whenever a question is raised from our end. Serverless360 team is very supportive, and we would provide a 100% positive rating for it. ”

Stig Henriksen

“The team was very supportive. We once had an issue with an automated task due to some configurations. We reported this to the team, they found the solution, and it was fixed.”

Firoz Alam

“Top-notch! Both the support and product teams are very responsive and are eager to solicit and listen to our concerns and suggestions”

Frank E. Oriold

We haven’t really needed to use the Serverless360 Support Team because the system just runs, was very simple to setup and is a very stable platform.”

Michael Fanning

“There are many monitoring features available from Microsoft Azure, but there is not one cohesive tool that we can use to get a high-level view like that offered by Serverless360.”

Manish Upadhyaya

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