Azure Event Hubs Monitoring and Management

Manage, Monitor and Analyse Event Hubs in Serverless360

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Azure Event Hubs Management

Does your orchestration include Event Hubs ingesting data? Serverless360 offers extensive management capabilities on Event Hubs

Create Azure Event Hubs

Quick Create Event Hubs using property template

Remove Event Hub from Azure

Remove Event Hub from Azure Subscription from Serverless360 and get it tracked

reate or delete Consumer group in Azure Event Hubs
Consumer Group

Create or delete Consumer group in an Event Hub

Manage Shared Access Policies
Manage Shared Access Policies

Provide need only permission to the interacting applications with generated Shared Access keys. Regenerate if needed.

Access the Azure Event Grid partition details

Access Event Grid partition details

Ensure Event Hubs on sending Events
Send Events

Ensure Event Hubs work as expected using send events.


Serverless360 Scheduled activities can help achieve critical tasks at ease

Test the environment of Azure Event Hubs with Serverless360
Test Event Hubs

Simulate test environment using Send Events activity for Event Hubs

Azure Event Hubs Monitoring

Monitor Event Hubs in various perspectives using Status, Threshold and Data Monitor in Serverless360

Monitor Event Hub partitions
Monitor Partitions

Monitor Event Hub partitions using Status or Threshold monitors

Event Hubs can Monitor Capture
Monitor Capture

Event Hub has got capture enabled? Data Monitor can help tracking capture backlog, messages and bytes

Event Hubs for their availability
Is Available?

Monitor Event Hubs for their availability using Data Monitor on Server Errors

Ensure interacting client devices
Active Clients?

Ensure interacting client devices are active using Data Monitor on Incoming Requests

Eye on the Quota Exceeded Errors
Is Quota Exceeded?

Have an eye on the Quota Exceeded Errors using Data Monitor

Azure Serverless Monitoring and Management made easy!

Serverless360 offers Azure Event Hubs monitoring and management capabilities over partitions and consumer groups.

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