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Azure Event Grid Monitoring and Management

Here’s Serverless360 to Manage, Monitor Event Grid topic and Event Grid Subscription.

Business Applications

Azure Event Grid Topic Management

Send events to Event Grid Topic to publish the events to its Subscribers (Event Grid Subscription)

Azure Event Grid Monitoring


Understand role of the Logic App in the business application through Service Map

Azure Event Grid Monitoring

Send Events

At any point in time get to know the status of the Logic App on the Service Map

Azure Event Grid Subscription Management

Achieve critical tasks like event processing those are not possible in azure portal

Azure Event Grid Management


View properties of the Event Grid Topic

Process Events

Have no visibility on Dead Lettered Events on Event Grid? Here is the solution

Azure Event Grid Subscription


Access Dead Lettered Event content in JSON format

Azure Event Grid dead letter

Repair and Resubmit

Repair and Resubmit dead lettered events to the same or another associated Event Grid Topic

Automated Tasks

Need to test the Event Grid Topic and Subscription? Scheduled Send Events automated tasks can help

Azure Event Grid send events

Send Events

Simulate real time test environment using Send Events Automated Task for Event Grid Topic

Azure Event Grid Topic Monitoring

Monitor Event Grid Topic in various perspectives using Data Monitor in Serverless360.

Azure Event Grid Monitoring

Detect publish failure

Monitor the Event Grid Topic for failure in publishing the events

Azure Event Grid delivery failed

Evaluate publish performance

Monitor the Event Grid Topic on latency of successful publish

Azure Event Grid Subscription Monitoring

Monitor Event Grid Subscription on dead letter counts and failed deliveries

Azure Event Grid Management

Detect violation in dead letter count

Monitor the Event Grid Subscription on dead letter count exceeding the expected count

Azure Event Grid subscription

Detect delivery failure

Monitor Event Grid Subscription on failure delivery count

Azure Event Grid delivery failed

Measure efficiency

Monitor on ‘Dropped events’ to measure overall efficiency