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Azure API Management Monitoring tool

Extensive Azure APIM monitoring to provide in-depth visibility into their usage, health and performance.

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Serverless360 is the trusted solution for Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

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Top reasons why Azure teams prefer us

The platform offers far beyond dashboards & alerts for APIM – it empowers Azure teams to fasten APIM troubleshooting.

Reduce complexity

Monitor Azure APIM APIs, operations and products under a single alert! This lifts the restriction to setting up an array of alerts for multi-metrics monitoring.

Eliminate blind spot

End-to-end traceability on every single API request to visualize its path and to precisely figure out the root cause of recurring incidents.

Reduce MTTR

Rapidly detect the outages, response time delays or any security breaches in APIM instances that could impact your business with real-time reports.

Jan Linders

“We don’t have enough time to resolve if there is an order failure, so we need to know that immediately, and that’s what Serverless360 is doing for us.”

Jari van den Munckhof
Jan Linders

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Ensure availability with proactive monitoring

  • Monitor APIM on multiple metrics & properties with warning thresholds
  • Get consolidated error reports to triage API-related performance issues
  • Compare any corresponding metrics (Response Time Max vs Min)
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Azure APIM monitoring

Get an overview of APIM performance

  • Unified operational view of APIM instances with intuitive KPI dashboards
  • Visualize business-centric metrics like the response rates of multiple APIs to avoid latency issues
  • Quickly discover the failure patterns in API requests & their operations
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APIM Performance

Improve Operational efficiency

  • Auto correct the status of APIM products in case of unintended interruptions
  • Violation of monitoring thresholds triggers automated corrective actions
  • Publish & unpublish APIM products in just a single click
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Azure APIM monitoring

Stay on top of governance and auditing

  • Every action performed on your APIM instance gets governed and audited
  • Supports RBAC to provide fine-grained access management
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Governance and Auditing

Support to diverse notification channels

  • Create incidents with PagerDuty and Service Now integration
  • Notify appropriate stakeholders via collaboration tools like Teams & Slack
  • Get integration with Microsoft’s Operations Management Suite portal
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Notification Channels

Real stories from real customers

It's not just about our platform. It's about our people.

“We get instant support from the team whenever a question is raised from our end. Serverless360 team is very supportive, and we would provide a 100% positive rating for it. ”

Stig Henriksen

“The team was very supportive. We once had an issue with an automated task due to some configurations. We reported this to the team, they found the solution, and it was fixed.”

Firoz Alam

“Top-notch! Both the support and product teams are very responsive and are eager to solicit and listen to our concerns and suggestions”

Frank E. Oriold

We haven’t really needed to use the Serverless360 Support Team because the system just runs, was very simple to setup and is a very stable platform.”

Michael Fanning

“There are many monitoring features available from Microsoft Azure, but there is not one cohesive tool that we can use to get a high-level view like that offered by Serverless360.”

Manish Upadhyaya

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