Serverless360 Product Walkthrough


About this webinar

Want to stay plugged into what Serverless360 Product Releases mean for you? Our customer relationship team now hosts a regular webinar series to walk through the functionality, primary use cases, and best practices around our latest product features.

What we’ll cover:

A live, 60-minute product update session hosted by one of our Azure Subject Matter Experts (SME). The agenda for the session will include:

  • Introduction to key new features released in Serverless360
    • Composite Applications – A concept where you can group Serverless entities from different Azure Subscriptions and manage them from one place. Understand what type of resources are supported currently.
    • Managing Serverless Entities – The features you don’t see in Azure portal.
    • Activities – Configurations that will save you significant time and efforts to perform some repeated tasks on your entities. for eg: Purge Dead-letters on Queues.
    • Custom application integration in Notification Channels – Forward alerts to the channels used by your support teams.
    • Watch Monitor – Receive alerts asap on failures in your Azure Logic Apps and Functions.
    • Status Monitor – Receive timely reports on the status of your entities based upon your expectation.
    • Threshold monitor (Monitor Topic Subscription) – Receive alerts if your entities are not performing well.
    • Data monitor – Get to know how your resources are performing. for eg: How many messages flown in your queue in the last 1 hour.
    • Back up messages to blob – Do you want to back up original messages to a storage before resubmission?
    • User management – Invite users and manage permissions appropriately. Access to the Azure portal is no more required.
    • Governance and Audit – All the actions performed on Serverless360 portal are recorded and are available for audit later.
  • Primary use cases for utilizing these new features across functions and roles
  • An overview of how these features will function
  • Key call-outs regarding configuration best practices

New features:

  • Event Grid Monitoring
  • Storage Accounts (blobs, queues, and files) Monitoring
  • Upload bulk messages from excel to Azure Service Bus
  • Backup Azure Service Bus messages to Azure Storage blob
  • Improved usability with message beautification wherever applicable
  • Watch monitor on Logic App and Function App
  • Scheduled Activities on Service Bus and Event Hubs

Meet the speakers

Michael Stephenson

Microsoft Azure MVP