Business Activity Monitoring End – End Tracking


About this webinar

Since we met last time a lot of exciting capabilities have been added to Serverless360. In this webinar I would like to walk you through the recent additions along with citations on how they are useful in real time business scenarios.

What to expect in the webinar?

Check how to achieve the following using Serverless360:

  • Model your business processes and map them to physical processing elements in integration solutions
  • Manage and monitor business processes in Serverless360 Composite Applications
  • Get maximum visibility on the integration solution for the functional support teams
  • Define properties to track business values at run-time
  • Correlate the flow of data within your system
  • Configure reprocess to restore failures
  • Search for transactions by building queries on tracked properties and status
  • Visualize business transactions in a graphical representation with all necessary details at every stage
  • Configure and get alerts on the Business Activity Monitoring Queries
  • Detect any exceptions in the Business Process
  • Notify stakeholders on preferred notification channels about critical issues well in advance.

Meet the speakers

Steef-Jan Wiggers

Microsoft Azure MVP