Azure Service Bus, better managed and monitored using Serverless360


About this webinar

Since we met last time a lot of exciting capabilities have been added to Serverless360. In this webinar I would like to walk you through the recent additions along with citations on how they are useful in real time business scenarios.

What to expect in the webinar?

Check how to achieve the following using Serverless360:

  • What is Azure Service Bus?
  • Where is it used in business?
  • Challenges in managing and monitoring Azure Service Bus
    • Overcome challenges using Serverless360
    • Save property as Template and quick create entities
    • Import Service Bus entities from one namespace to another
    • Access Analytics on Service Bus Namespace
    • Define Topic Subscription rules
    • Manage Shared access policies
    • Process active messages left behind unprocessed
    • Reprocess Dead-Letter messages
    • Purge Invalid messages
    • Backup messages while processing
    • Test business orchestration
    • Monitor Service Bus Topic Subscription
    • Monitor silence in Service Bus
    • Monitor Service Bus availability
    • Auto correct queues state
    • Monitor Message count
    • Keep the stakeholders informed on the Service Bus Entity status
    • Enable users to work on Service Bus entity with sharing the connection string
    • Audit user action on Service Bus

Meet the speakers

Ezhilarasi Chezhiyan

Product Consultant | Serverless360

Nishanth Prabhakaran

Jr. Product Consultant | Serverless360