90 days after implementing Serverless360 – My Learnings


About this webinar

Michael Stephenson has used Serverless360 to help support and manage the back-end Azure platform behind his online retail operation developed on the Shopify platform. This contains a number of interesting use cases utilizing Shopify, Azure and Serverless technologies such as Logic Apps and Azure functions combined with Power Apps and Microsoft Teams.
In this session, you will learn about how he has setup Serverless360 to simplify the management of his Azure resources and discover what he has learned about this architecture and the value provided by Serverless360.

Key Takeaways

  • How well is your Serverless architecture working?
  • Ideas around how to implement Serverless solutions
  • The importance of monitoring your Serverless solutions
  • How to configure Serverless360 to ease your operations and monitoring

Meet the speakers

Michael Stephenson

Microsoft Azure MVP