5 Challenges with Service Bus Explorer


About this webinar

Service Bus Explorer is a tool that allows users to connect to a Service Bus namespace and administer messaging entities. It also provides advanced features like the ability to test topics, queues, and more. But like every other tool, Service Bus Explorer too has certain disadvantages like lack of toolset to resubmit or repair and resubmit Active messages, purge Active or Dead- Lettered messages and monitoring the metrics of Service Bus Queues and Topics. Join our upcoming webinar and get an idea of several other drawbacks of Service Bus Explorer and how Serverless360 can help you overcome it!

Key Takeaways:
  • How smart is Service Bus Explorer?
  • Provide secure access without sharing the connection string
  • Effective processing of Active & Dead-Lettered messages
  • Monitoring Service Bus at application context

Meet the speakers

Ezhilarasi Chezhiyan

Product Consultant | Serverless360

Nishanth Prabhakaran

Jr. Product Consultant | Serverless360