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Redefine your Azure support strategy to shift left


Cloud adoption allows Enterprises to offload their management and maintenance tasks to the cloud partner. Microsoft makes sure the platform is running correctly, but the enterprise should align their applications function as expected.

Azure portal is powerful to build enterprise-grade solutions but complex to manage and monitor; this invites operational challenges that need to be addressed only by Azure experts. Analysis across enterprise domains revealed that 90% of issues are functional errors, 60% of which can be automated.

Redefining the support strategy with Serverless360 allows enterprises to delegate the support to the Operations team. This enables the Azure experts to innovate, hence achieving the “Shift Left” in Azure support.

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Key Takeaways

  • Tips to instantly visualize, monitor, and fix any issues in Azure apps
  • Automate and process millions of messages, events, and failed executions
  • How to attain maximum visibility on the integration solutions that the functional operations team needs?
  • Attain visibility to help lower costs, maintain security and compliance, and optimize resources


Ezhilarasi Chezhiyan

Ezhilarasi Chezhiyan

Product Consultant – Serverless360