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How to manage your Azure Cost?


In the present era, building and launching an application has been greatly simplified through Azure-based deployment. Users no longer need to concern themselves with infrastructure complexities. While this approach offers numerous advantages and consistency, there’s a significant drawback in the context associated with high costs.

In that case, if Azure resources are not carefully monitored or managed, expenses can swiftly escalate and spiral out of control. Thus, it requires actionable strategies to manage and optimize your Azure expenses.

If you have a problem related to the above case, look no further! Our upcoming session is designed to equip you with the knowledge and techniques to efficiently manage your Azure spending.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the significance of effective Azure spend management and why it’s crucial for your organization’s success.
  • Uncover the factors that lead to rising Azure costs, including the lack of a solid cost control policy.
  • Learn essential techniques to regain control over your Azure expenses.
  • Understanding why Azure DevOps should invest in Azure Cost Management?


Stéphane Eyskens

Stéphane Eyskens

Microsoft Azure MVP