Use Cases

Get Application visibility for Serverless Applications

Group entities from different Azure subscriptions and resource groups that constitutes a Line of Business (LoB) application and have a better control over operations and management activities.

Utilize deep Tooling to achieve complex tasks

Watch Serverless360 easing out complex business needs with its deep tooling support. Quick create entities using predefined property templates. Define bulk monitoring configuration for multiple entities at one go. Import entities from one namespace to another, save your time and effort.

Ensure client devices interacting with Event Hub are active

Watch Serverless360 effectively monitor Event Hub that handles streaming telemetry data from thousands of Client devices. Data Monitor on incoming messages fulfils the key need of ensuring the devices are active. You can monitor Partitions using Threshold Monitor and simulate test environment using Send Events.

Detect anomaly in Event Grid in a reactive Shipping Application

Watch Serverless360 ensuring the Shipping Application with several reactive scenario runs smooth. Process the dead lettered events in the Event Grid Subscription to restore the solution. Define Data Monitor to detect any anomaly and simulate test environment using Send Events.

Move messages from a Storage Queue to another

Watch Serverless360 provide visibility on Storage Queue messages and do much more, overcoming challenge in the Azure portal and Storage Explorer. Resubmit messages from a Storage Queue to another for further processing. Have an eye on the Queue message count using Threshold or Status monitor.

Detect Client or Server errors in Hybrid Relay

Watch Serverless360 detecting errors in highly secure on-premise service exposed as a Hybrid Relay endpoint. Data Monitor on Relay detects client or server errors in listeners and senders. Watch Monitor detects failure in the relay endpoint. Create Relays quickly using predefined template.

Choice of Authentication modes, Azure AD or Email

Watch Serverless360 facilitating Account Administrator to choose between Email authentication and Azure AD authentication modes. With improved Governance and Audit track all the user actions in the account and on the associated Azure entities in Serverless360.

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