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Azure Resources 100 100+*
Automated Task Transactions 250k 250K+/month*
Business Activity Monitoring Events 250k 250K+/month*
Alert History  15 days 180 days 
Governance & Audit History 15 days 180 days 

* additional units can be purchased

Other inclusions applicable on both the tiers:

  • Unlimited Composite Applications Groups and Composite Applications
  • Unlimited Monitor configurations
  • Unlimited Notification Channels – Email + Premium channels (Microsoft Teams, Slack, PagerDuty, OMS, Service Now, Webhook)
  • Dedicated support

What is 15 days free trial?

As you sign up, gain access to all the features and capabilities of Serverless360 with some limitations for 15 days. After completion of trial period, you can choose to go commercial.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Serverless360 pricing is influenced by 3 key factors:

  1. Resources
  2. Automated Task Transactions
  3. Business Activity Monitoring Events

A resource in this context is any of the supported Azure Serverless services like Service Bus Queues, Logic Apps, Azure Functions etc that can be managed and monitored in Serverless360.   

An automated task is a background process that will run based on the pre-set configuration. This configuration can be saved for future use. Automated Tasks can be triggered manually whenever required or scheduled to run at specific times in a day.  For E.g. You can create an automated task to clean up dead letters in your Service Bus Queue or Topic Subscription, to resubmit failed Logic App runs, to auto clean storage blobs and so on. 

This corresponds to the number of units processed by the scheduled automated tasks. For E.g. number of messages purged in a Service Bus Queue or Topic Subscription, number of Logic App runs resubmitted, number of storage blobs cleaned and so on.

BAM in Serverless360 is a functional end to end business activity tracking and monitoring capability for Cloud Scenarios. With Serverless360 BAM, get full visibility of your end-to-end business process flow across your Azure resources. 

Business Activity Monitoring events correspond to the number of events fired to the Serverless360 BAM API endpoint, which could be triggered from BAM connector for Logic App or Microsoft Flow or .Net SDK or direct HTTP request to the BAM API endpoint. 

  • Unlimited composite applications
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Alarms
  • Notification Channels – Email+ Premium (Slack, PagerDuty, etc.)
  • Alert History retention for 180 Days
  • User Auditing History retention for 180 Days
  • Software upgrades

Additional Units can be purchased in bundles at applicable –

  • 100 Azure Resources
  • 250k Automated Tasks per month
  • 250k BAM events

For more details and assistance in pricing, please write to