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Getting Started

Getting Started with Serverless360 is easy. With some initial set of configurations, you provide better experience for your team to manage and monitor Serverless solutions effortlessly. This sequence will provide you an initial journey to experience the product even without signing up.

Sign Up

Sign up with Serverless360 by choosing the authentication mode – Basic or Azure AD.

Basic Mode

  • Start quickly by signing up with your email id and contact number.
  • You can add users to this account by sending an invitation to their email addresses.
  • Switching between the authentication mode is also possible when required.

Sign Up

Sign up with Serverless360 by choosing the authentication mode – Basic or Azure AD.

Azure AD mode

  • Register your Azure Active directory in Serverless360.
  • Register Azure AD Admin details.
  • Register Active Directory and the application details.
  • Add users from your Azure AD
Switching between the authentication mode is also possible when required.

Provide Serverless360 access to your Azure resources

Any third-party application like Serverless360, Service Bus Explorer or any custom application you build will need privileges to access your Azure resources.

Connection strings

  • Resources like Service Bus namespaces and their associated entities, Storage accounts can be accessed through connection strings.
  • Connection strings requires Manage claims to access the resources in your Azure Subscription.

Provide Serverless360 access to your Azure resources

Service Principals

  • A Service Principal is an application within Azure Active Directory, which is authorized to access resources or resource group in Azure. Serverless360 uses the authentication tokens of Service Principal to manage the resources.
  • Using Service Principal authorization, you can manage all types of resources in your Azure Subscription.
  • With Serverless360, you can configure and have centralized control to your access keys. You need not share them with your team members.

Composite Applications

  • Do you have hundreds of entities in your Azure Subscription? Would you like to manage them in the context of business or in groups? Want to provide restricted access to your team members to focus only on resources they are supposed to?
  • Serverless360 introduces Composite Applications to group your entities in the context of business like OrdersShipping, OrdersCancelled or different groups like Staging or Production.

Composite Applications Dashboard

  • Once the entities are grouped based on your preference, Serverless360 provides endless capabilities to perform operations and monitoring on your resources.
  • The dashboard represents the set of entities grouped together and their statuses based on the monitoring configuration.

Management Capabilities

Service Bus

  • Associate entities to composite applications and get started with management and operations.
  • Serverless360 provides operational capabilities that are not available in Azure Portal.

Management Capabilities

Message Processing

  • Working with Service Bus Queues/ Topics? Need visibility on the Messages?
  • View Message content/ properties in the Active end in peek lock mode.
  • Resubmit/ Delete DLQ messages in defer mode.
  • Upload, download or back up messages too.

Management Capabilities

Message Processing – Repair & Resubmit

  • Repair the message content or User properties to meet business needs and resubmit.
  • Prevent message loss while working with Duplicate Detection Enabled Service Bus Queue/ Topic.

Management Capabilities

Message Processing – Activities

  • Automate Dead Letter management using Dead Letter Activities.
  • Simulate a real time environment using Send Message or Send Events Activities.
  • Schedule Purge activities to auto clear Active or Dead Letter messages.

Monitoring Capabilities

  • 4 types of monitors to cater heterogenous business needs.
  • Define application level monitoring configuration for similar entities at a go.
  • Monitoring of entities at property level is possible now.

Monitoring Capabilities

Data Monitor

  • Provides monitoring of your resources based on metrics collected over a time. Get alerted if your CPU usage spikes or expected number of messages doesn’t reach your messaging queue over a period. Use Data Monitor to measure reliability, availability, performance and so on.

Notification Channels

  • Select from a set of notification channels to forward alerts from Serverless360 to your specific support teams.
  • Violation alerts and Status reports are forwarded through notification channels of your choice.

Application Security & Audit

User Roles

  • Define User roles based upon your business needs and team structure. Invite Users and group them under any of these roles.
  • If you are using Basic Authentication mode, you can add users to this account by sending an invitation to their email addresses.
  • If you are using Azure AD Authentication mode, you can add users from your Azure AD.

Application Security & Audit

Granular User Access

  • Define user access policy, restricted access to the resources and applications at the user role levels.
  • No more challenges in managing complicated Azure Portal access for your team to just access serverless resources from business perspective.

Application Security & Audit

Governance & Audit

Do you have a control or tracking of what your users perform from the business perspective? Serverless360 provides audit data for future analysis.
  • Govern and Audit Who did what and when?
  • Export Audit data to excel or PDF as well.

Monitor and Manage your Azure Serverless Services Effortlessly

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