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BizTalk to Azure migration resources

The time is right to start migrating from BizTalk Server to Azure. Microsoft’s iPaaS offering is mature & customers are successfully leveraging it for cloud and hybrid integration workloads.

Migrating from BizTalk Server to Azure

BizTalk to Azure Migration

Major challenges in migrating from BizTalk to Azure are finding complete guidance and learning about the right building blocks to use on Azure. This initiative brings together insights from experts on migration. To start with, here is one of the most sought-after whitepapers from Michael Stephenson, Azure MVP.

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Microsoft Integration Trends

Explore the ultimate guidance designed to help you structure your migration knowledge from BizTalk to Azure.

Mar 02, 2023

Kent Weare
Kent Weare


Microsoft offerings to
support BizTalk to Azure migration

Mar 09, 2023

Sandro Pereira
Sandro Pereira

Azure MVP

Enterprise case studies on migration from BizTalk Server to Azure

Mar 16, 2023

Mike & Lex
Mike & Lex

Azure MVP

Addressing the Operational challenges in BizTalk to Azure migration

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