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Serverless360 is an Advanced Serverless Monitoring and Operations Tool. The comprehensive way to operate, manage and monitor Azure Serverless Services related to Enterprise Integration
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Get Ignited with Serverless360 at Microsoft Ignite The Tour – London & Amsterdam

Planning to attend Microsoft Ignite The Tour on 26 – 27 February in London or 20 – 21 March in Amsterdam? These two-day conferences offer over 100 deep-dive sessions and workshops and allow you to connect with over 350 industry experts. During your walk around don’t forget to add a visit to Serverless360’s booth. We guarantee that you will come away with ideas on how Serverless360 provides solutions for your challenges in managing and monitoring your distributed Azure Serverless components.

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  • London – Feb 26 – 27, 2019
  • Amsterdam – Mar 20 – 21, 2019

Important Serverless Sessions to watch @ London

BRK3631 – Building reliable serverless workflows with Azure Durable Functions
Mark Heath

Azure Functions makes it super quick and easy to write create cloud-based functions to respond to events, but once you start connecting functions together into a workflow, things can get complex and chaotic very quickly. In this session Mark will demonstrate how Durable Functions lets you take back control of your serverless workflows, allowing you to keep track of progress and implement advanced workflow patterns such as fan out and fan in, and waiting for external approval.

DEV50 – Investing in Serverless: less servers, more code
Simona Cotin

Sometimes all you need is a few routines to run in response to a series of events – so why do you need to choose a development framework, deployment strategy and server setup for such a simple need? Wouldn’t it be great if you could just write the simple routines you need and have them run exactly when you need them and scale automatically? Turns out you can with the right cloud services. In this talk, we’ll create a set of routines that run on Azure Functions and respond to events in Azure Event Grid. We’ll then orchestrate these functions and messages using Azure Logic Apps.

MIG40 – Modernizing your application with containers and Serverless
Erik St. Martin

Tailwind Traders actively encourages its development team to explore new ideas with our skunkworks program. Developers are free to write code and solve problems using virtual machines hosted with Microsoft Azure, but when those solutions are adopted, it’s time to move them into a more scalable and secure environment. In this module, we’ll show you how we move an application from a virtual machine into scalable containers on Azure, gaining deployment flexibility and repeatable builds. You’ll also learn how to store application secrets in Azure’s KeyVault service, making it easier for your application to access business-critical data. Finally, you’ll see how to add functionality to your existing API using Serverless Functions.

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