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Azure Service Bus better managed and monitored

Azure Service Bus Topic and Queue
Automated Activities

Process all the Azure Service Bus Topic and Queue dead-letter messages without any manual intervention and schedule the process to function automatically.

Azure Service Bus monitoring

Experience assured Azure Service Bus monitoring facilities to attain legible performance of the business applications associated to the business process.

Define granular access policy

Define granular access policy on Microsoft Azure Service Bus operations and monitoring.

Message Processing

View and Process messages with ease

Having exceptional message processing capabilities in hand, experiment a lot with messages in highly reliable message queue, Azure Service Bus. With Serverless360, view Azure Service Bus dead-letter queue and active messages along with its content and properties in Service bus Queues and Topics. Retrieve all the active and dead-letter messages and perform required operations to meet critical business needs. Find effective solutions for processing dead-lettered messages by repairing and resubmitting them providing user defined properties. Prevent message loss by auto generating message Ids on intelligent notification from Serverless360 while resubmitting to a Duplicate detection enable Service Bus entity. Let Serverless360 do the job on emphasizing the significant properties of an Azure Service Bus Queue thus enabling operations and support team.

Azure service bus messages
Aid your support team
Service Bus at application context

Aid your support team

Pull in the attention of all the stake holders in an organisation and keep them informed about the correlation between Service bus and other Azure resources functioning in the Business application with the help of Service map. Let the user derive relationships between the entities that constitute the composite application. Delivers a clean dashboard with a full application view and displays the state of each entity based on their monitoring configuration. Get indicated in case of any error occurrence, examine the arrival of exceptions and encourage proactive monitoring with ease and efficiency. Implement your Line of Business or Flow of Business in a productive way and stay updated on its status. Acquire immediate assistance on the failure of Azure Service Bus Topics or Queues. Make sure that you provide necessary tooling support to your support team hence lowering the Total Cost of Ownership on the Serverless Application.

complete record on the W parameters
Governance and Audit

Knowledge on the W’s

It is essential for an organisation to have a complete record on the W parameters, who did what and when. Track all the user actions under the operations, messaging and general sections where most of the processing takes place. Procure the complete Service bus message history related to the operation done by the user. The message history briefs on the summary of the activities done to that message, backup summary, message Id if enabled, content of the message if modified and the system properties. The record for the past 90 days can be retrieved and can be exported into pdf or excel for future use. Stay informed about the actions taking place in your Azure Service Bus Queues and Topic subscriptions.

No more connection string sharing to manage the Service Bus namespace, do it the right, secure way using Service Principals in Serverless360 complemented by granular User Access Policy management along with Governance and Audit in place.

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