Building integration solutions with Microsoft Azure Logic Apps Standard

At Microsoft Build 2021 & Integrate 2021 organised by Kovai.co, there has been a lot discussed around Azure Logic Apps. There were lot of new announcements made by Microsoft Azure Integration team, best practices and scenarios discussed by Microsoft Product teams and Microsoft MVP community.

Certainly, Logic Apps have seen lot of improvements in the last few years and now it is touted to be enterprise ready.

Through this paper, Steef Jan Wiggers will detail the latest version of Logic Apps – Standard SKU

  • With the new version of Logic Apps, developers can expect the following:
    1. Running Logic Apps stateless and stateful
    2. Ability to containerize Logic Apps
    3. New observability option with Application Insights
    4. A different pricing model for Logic Apps
  • Significant changes have been brought into runtime introducing single-tenancy and run from anywhere – Azure, Containers and from other cloud platforms.
  • Development experience through new designer and get to know what happens behind the scenes for Stateful and Stateless workflows.
  • Development, debugging and troubleshooting capabilities available for developers through VS Code.
  • The various deployment options available and integration with Azure DevOps.
  • Leverage Maps and Schemas without having dependency on the Integration account.
  • Leverage AppInsights to monitor Logic Apps similar to Azure Function runtime and other monitoring options.
  • And other considerations you need to make while using this version of Logic Apps.

Steef, meticulously introduces the reader to the concepts in Logic Apps (Standard) , discusses necessary scenarios from Integration perspective and references necessary documentation, all in one place.

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