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“Serverless360 allowed us to monitor Service Bus in real-time that Azure did not allow us to do. It helped us quickly track down and troubleshoot the problems with less manual work in the resubmission.”

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Cloud Migration compounds the complexity

The Media and Entertainment industry runs 24/7, and consumer expectations for a seamless and reliable service constantly rise. In a highly competitive market, delivering a great user experience becomes mandatory. The media industry is continuously looking to create new and improved customer experiences through constant innovation to stay ahead of this trend.

One of our customers is a well-known American cinema advertising company that displays ads to U.S. consumers in movie theatres, online, and mobile technology. They migrated their systems to a cloud environment, transforming monolithic applications to Azure. This migration provided the agility to increase speed to market and improve the customer experience faster. However, the Azure alerts they tried previously required many manual configurations. It, therefore, became difficult to achieve visibility and increase speed.

The user’s Azure environment was primarily built up with Azure Service Bus, Function Apps, and Cosmos DB, where they had a massive load of dead letter messages. Due to the lack of monitoring and operational capabilities, complexity in managing the resources increased, affecting productivity.

The move to automatic and intelligent observability

The organization realized it needed a new approach to support its complex IT environment in the cloud and identified Serverless360 as the solution. Serverless360 allowed them to resolve issues quickly rather than investing time on problem identification and alert correlation. We boosted their productivity by providing the right operational and monitoring toolset.

Serverless360 is an all-in-one solution, where the user was able to experience an easy configuration, wholistic visibility on the application, and identify the issues sooner. The consolidated monitoring helped them troubleshoot the problems proactively. In addition to the monitoring capabilities, Serverless360 also extends its offering in operational efficiency. Automated Tasks helped them cut down the manual effort required for sending messages and reprocessing them. As a result, they could quickly resolve the glitches in ad content and playlists beforehand.

“Serverless360 monitoring increased our productivity. It helps us find out if anything goes wrong. Our business is based on timing, and we get ad content and playlists glitches before a movie plays. This tool helped us fix the problems sooner and gave us a higher chance of having better playback.”

“Serverless360 allowed us to monitor Service Bus in real-time that Azure did not allow us to do. It helped us quickly track down and troubleshoot the problems with less manual work in the resubmission.”

  • Proactive monitoring – Metric monitoring in Serverless360 eliminates the lengthy process of manually looking through error logs and immediately performs root – cause analysis on problems as they arise, giving insight into the Azure environments
  • Easy to configure – Serverless360 was able to immediately map out the user’s complex cloud environment and identify the intricate relationships between its resources. It was easy to configure when compared to Microsoft alerts.
  • Real-time visibility – Service Map offering in Serverless360 helps reduce mean time to repair, but it also flags performance issues before they become problems for the customer.
  • Intelligent Automation – The Automated Tasks enabled by Serverless360 has helped send dozens of messages in one go. It also reprocesses failed messages at scheduled hours, reducing business risk.

Challenges addressed

  • Simplifying complexity Advanced observability lights-up cloud environment
  • Greater efficiency Identifying root cause in minutes, with a unified solution
  • Solutions, not problems With precise answers, instead of more data
  • Better business value Continuous automation frees up teams to innovate
  • Better service quality With deep insight into real user experiences