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“There are many monitoring features available from Microsoft Azure, but there is not one cohesive tool that we can use to get a high-level view like that offered by Serverless360.”

Manish Upadhyaya
Senior Cloud Architect – Kleinschmidt

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About Kleinschmidt

Kleinschmidt provides managed cloud EDI, data integration services and more to leading companies and brands around the world. They build and support custom supply chain integration solutions that enable organizations to communicate and collaborate on a level playing field with trading partners across all industries around the globe.

Challenges before Serverless360

The first and foremost challenge would be the lack of application visibility. While a myriad of tools and capabilities exist, a succinct operational view of the platform is not easily obtained in the Azure Portal. Since our Azure resources are scattered across different subscriptions, regions and tenants, it is very difficult to traverse between them to know their status. In addition, the scope of RBAC management in Azure makes it challenging to define a focused ‘role’ for a particular application without a great deal of effort and forethought.

Another pain point would be consolidated monitoring. While Azure Portal offers many native monitoring and alerting capabilities; it is difficult to define multiple alerts in a cohesive way, so the health of a particular application can be determined succinctly.

Key Challenges that Serverless360 solves

Serverless360 addresses these operational challenges by allowing the user to aggregate the view with an intuitive interface and role definition(s) that are independent of Azure Active Directory (given that the underlying permissions are provided) to make operational control/monitoring more efficient and user management simpler relative to a specific application that is defined within the tool

Serverless360 also provides an easy-to-use alerting mechanism that lets us monitor our components based on throughputs and other thresholds. We can customize alerts and use multiple communication channels.

How supportive is Serverless360 Team?

“Top-notch! Both the support and product teams are very responsive and are eager to solicit and listen to our concerns and suggestions”

Frank E. Oriold, EVP,

Operations and Business Development – Kleinschmidt


We are still early in our implementation of Serverless360 and BAM, especially since we paused given the refactoring for BAM 2.0 and our own internal enhancements related to our new core product. We have seen a quickly evolving product that is working towards matching the success of their BizTalk360 platform. We look forward to all of the ways we will be able to leverage the product in our environment to ease our staff’s operational and support burden. With the proactive support of the Serverless360 team that we have experienced this far, we expect that to come to fruition.

Pain Points

  • Limited application visibility
  • No easy way to manage access control
  • Lack of native out of the box comprehensive monitoring options

Favourite Features:

  • Clean, informative, and relatively intuitive interface
  • Business Activity Monitoring (although we are just beginning to explore all of its capabilities and are looking forward to US-based instances)