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“We haven’t really needed to use the Serverless360 Support Team because the system just runs, was very simple to setup and is a very stable platform.”

Michael Fanning
National IT Manager – Diabetes Australia

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About Diabetes Australia

Diabetes Australia was established in 1984 and is the national body for people affected by all types of diabetes and those at risk. Through leadership, prevention, management and research, Diabetes Australia is committed to reducing the impact of diabetes. We work in partnership with diabetes health professionals and educators, researchers and healthcare providers to minimise the impact of diabetes on the Australian community.

Challenges before Serverless360

Before Serverless360, it wasn’t easy to monitor the Azure Service Bus. There was no proactive monitoring solution available in the market to monitor the failover messages in a queue or a topic. It was also challenging to monitor the Messages piling up in the various dead-letter queues. A user needed to traverse between different subscriptions and tenants to find where the messages are piling up.

The next challenge would be a lack of message processing. Even if the failover messages were found after a manual search, developers need to build a custom solution to reprocess those messages back to the backup queue or topic. It requires a huge development effort in creating a tool to handle production scale message loads.

Key Challenges that Serverless360 solves

Serverless360 addresses the operational challenges by allowing the user to aggregate the view and a traffic light system that helps the user quickly find the issue. It provides the reason for a failure in a plain English text. This led us to delve straight into the affected Service Bus queues and rectify the issue.

It not only stops with the monitoring but also provides operational capabilities like Message reprocessing and automation. When the user finds the failover messages with proactive monitoring, they can repair & resubmit the messages to the backup system. Serverless360 also allows users to perform bulk reprocessing using Automated Tasks.

How supportive is Serverless360 Team?

“We haven’t really needed to use the Serverless360 Support Team because the system just runs, was very simple to setup and is a very stable platform.”

Michael Fanning,

National IT Manager – Diabetes Australia


From an experience point of view, it is an easy-to-use tool with a good interface. It allows us to navigate between different applications quickly. It’s very simple to understand what to do and where to go to resolve any issue. We would also like to get more updates on the Performance improvement side; luckily, Serverless360 is coming up with the Newly revamp portal with improved NFRs.

Pain Points

  • No easy way of identifying and fixing the integration issues.
  • Hard to manage separate tenancies.
  • No better monitoring options are available.

Favourite Features:

We use different types of monitors in Serverless360. Queue monitoring in Serverless360 is most critical for us. It is the feature that we continuously use, and it is the feature we love to use.