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Fortum Oyj

"We use a lot of integration components in Azure, and we highly rely on Serverless360 for its management offerings"

Ahsan Kamrul,
Solutions Architect

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About Fortum Oyj
  • Fortum Oyj is a Finnish state-owned energy company located in Espoo, Finland
  • In addition to Finland, it focuses on Germany and other countries in Central Europe, Great Britain, Russia, and the Nordic region
  • Fortum operates power plants, including co-generation plants, and generates and sells electricity and heat
Oil & Gas
Outcomes Derived
Better Correlation
Improves collaboration across multiple teams
Granular User Access
Custom RBAC to streamline the process
Smarter observability
Quicker and more accurate health checks
Instant insights
A unified platform provides deep observability

The migration from BizTalk to Azure

Fortum is Europe’s third-largest producer of carbon-free electricity, Europe’s second-largest producer of nuclear power, and one of the largest gas suppliers. Initially, they had their business running only on-prem using BizTalk. Management and monitoring of an on-prem solution like BizTalk were made easy for them with the help of BizTalk360.

As business scales, the need for cloud adoption comes in for organizations that run on-prem. Fortum planned to move to Azure, where they had to manage and monitor multiple environments. The real challenge jumped in when they had to implement it across various teams. Fortum’s Azure team operates on different levels, which is inclusive of multiple stakeholders. Granting them access at a granular level and having a holistic view was quite tedious for the team and they planned to go for a monitoring and management tool.

One-stop solution for Azure management and monitoring

Fortum chose Azure to host its core application on, as it recognized that in moving to the cloud it would need new levels of visibility and access restrictions across multiple teams. After evaluating the tools on the market, Fortum identified that Serverless360 would provide the best solution for its requirements, due to the efficiency of its unified platform approach. With Serverless360’s Business Application, Fortum attained observability across the entire business functioning with due access permissions granted across teams.

  • Holistic View – Service Map offering in Serverless360 helps understand the correlation between the integration components and flags performance issues before they become actual problems.
  • Proactive Monitoring – Metric monitoring in Serverless360 eliminates the lengthy process of manually looking through error logs. It immediately performs root-cause analysis on problems as they arise, giving insight into the Azure environment.
  • Better business value – Fortum teams have been able to identify and resolve issues, freeing more time for the team to focus on advancing digital transformation and accelerating innovation more proactively.
  • Secured RBAC – Serverless360 uses the Service Principal, which helped them restrict or provide role-based access to the team members to the specific components.
“We use a lot of integration components in Azure where it was very hard for us to figure out how it has been interconnected. Though we had Resource Groups to group all these resources it was still hard for us to correlate them. With Serverless360’s Service Map functionality, our major burden of holistic view was cured. We could understand the health of all the resources in one dashboard”
Ahsan Kamrul,

Ahsan Kamrul,

Solutions Architect