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“Serverless360 helps us in consolidated monitoring of Azure services and provide custom role-based access.”

Firoz Alam & Yashpal Singh
BBC Worldwide Ltd.

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About BBC Worldwide LTD

BBC Worldwide is a principal commercial arm and a wholly owned subsidiary of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Its vision is to build the BBC’s brands, audiences, retail returns, and reputation worldwide.

Challenges before Serverless360

The main challenge we faced was Monitoring the resources. To achieve consolidated monitoring for Azure resources was our primary need. The other challenge was to get role-based access control for the team members. Initially, we used Service Bus explorer, where we had to provide a connection string. In that case, everyone will have access to all the components, and role-based access control was not feasible there.

These were the requirements that we had while searching for a tool, and we found Serverless360 to be a clear shot at fulfilling the business needs.

Key Challenges that Serverless360 solves

Serverless360 resolved the two significant challenges from our end. We achieved consolidated monitoring at the application level with Business Applications’ help. The other challenge, role-based access control, was rectified as Serverless360 uses the Service Principal, which helped us restrict or provide role-based access to the team members to the specific components.

Apart from fulfilling the requirement, we also use Automated tasks, which became our favourite feature from Serverless360. As we deal with Service Bus, the Automated Tasks helped us schedule and process the Dead-Letter messages automatically. This feature was beneficial in reducing the manual intervention.

How supportive is Serverless360 Team?

“The team was very supportive. We once had an issue with an automated task due to some configurations. We reported this to the team, they found the solution, and it was fixed.”

Firoz Alam & Yashpal Singh

BBC Worldwide LTD


Serverless360 is very useful. It has a lot of features that benefit our business needs. It eases our daily routine tasks by centralising everything in a single place. We can monitor the resources and perform operational activities at the same place. I am very happy with the tool.

Pain points in Azure

  • Consolidated Monitoring of Azure Resources
  • Role based access control