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“Serverless360 proactively notifies issues in Azure resources and provides end-to-end visibility on hybrid systems.”

Stig Henriksen,
Integration Architect

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About BAMA Gruppen

Bama-Gruppen AS is Norway’s most prominent private distributor of fruit and vegetables. Bama-Gruppen is engaged in wholesale trading imported and Norwegian-produced fresh produce in fruits, vegetables, and flowers. The company has five divisions: retail, industry, institutions, flowers, and convenience shops. In the retail market, it delivers products to the two wholesalers Norgesgruppen and Reitangruppen. Bama is the main sponsor of the Norway national football team.

Challenges before Serverless360

We faced two major issues in our Azure flow before migrating to Serverless360. The first issue is to monitor the Azure resources and get notified of errors instantly when something goes wrong with the system.

The second one is end-to-end visibility. As we are dealing with hybrid systems, the primary need is to have visibility on the transfer of data and monitor business flow. In the Azure portal, it isn’t easy to search a specific flow and understand data transfer.

Key Challenges that Serverless360 solves

Serverless360 addresses these monitoring challenges by allowing the user to understand the flow of data in a business with a detailed flow chart in BAM (Business Activity Monitoring). It is very helpful in tracking the hybrid solutions.

Also, we use the Business Applications where we perform monitoring for our Azure footprint. Serverless360 generates consolidated reports, which is very useful for insight into the health status of the resources.

How supportive is Serverless360 Team?

“We get instant support from the team whenever a question is raised from our end. Serverless360 team is very supportive, and we would provide a 100% positive rating for it. ”

Stig Henriksen

Integration Architect


When we were looking for tools to overcome our challenges, we found a few tools to meet our needs, among which Serverless360 impressed us a lot. The overall experience with Serverless360 so far is good. We would suggest Serverless360 to other companies as well.

Pain points in Azure

  • Monitoring Azure Resources
  • End to End visibility of hybrid systems