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Business Activity Monitoring

Distributed Tracing

Achieve end-to-end tracking on business process flow across cloud-native and hybrid integrations.

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Distributed tracing
Microsoft Azure

Serverless360 is the trusted solution for Microsoft Azure

Pinpoint bottlenecks faster with unified view of business transactions

Attain maximum visibility on the integration solution that functional operations team need.

Precisely depict complex integrations flows

  • Model transactions in business processes and map them to the underlying integration service
  • Capture essential properties in run time to pinpoint the root cause of a business failure
  • Analyse performance, anomalies, data trends and take informed decisions with an intuitive dashboard

Real-time distributed tracing beyond boundaries

  • Identify the specific business-critical data among million transactions with the advanced search
  • Correlate message flow across process boundaries, technology and platform agnostic
  • Enable real-time reprocessing of transactions for effective restoration of business failures

Out-of-the-box functional monitoring

  • Always stay abreast of the inevitable exceptions that are bound to occur
  • Effectively monitor threshold breaches on queries like failures recorded in last week
  • Be proactive with the critical issues being notified on your preferred channels

Enable cross-team collaboration

  • Provide need only permission to every user and get their actions audited
  • Assign sensitivity level to the tracked property to view or mask values
  • Never miss a thing, assign transactions to appropriate stake holder to take corrective action
Distributed tracing